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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by 944own, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. 944own

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    I put this fescue sod down in my yard 6 weeks ago and it has been doing good just getting some yellow blades in the yard. It is not just one patch here and there it is pretty much spread out through the whole yard. I just put down some 24-2-11 do you think the nitrogen will help the yellow green back up. I attached some pics that you can see what I am talking about. It seems like it has had a little yellow in it from the start but is worse than it was so I hope this helps. Thanks for any suggestions.

    2011-11-14 16.41.02.jpg

    2011-11-14 16.40.03.jpg

    2011-11-14 16.40.16.jpg
  2. turkeyman

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    have you been watering it? if so did it start turning after the first frost? i just put my last round of fert. down of 32-0-8.
  3. Landscape Poet

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    Not sure as I am not familar with your turf as well as I should be but have your considered this is the start of Brown Patch or some other fungus that is common in your area? The blades are almost orange is why I ask and that is the color you see sometimes right before a BP outbreak down here.
  4. 944own

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    I have only been watering it maybe 1 time a week for the past 2 weeks or so if we dont get rain. I watered it every day for the first 2 to 3 weeks. The yellow just started getting worse after the first night it frosted a week ago or so. Not really sure about the brown patch. I just put the 24-2-11 down today and it is raining right now. Thanks for any ideas.
  5. MAD whacker

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    just maintain the best you can , and jum p on rejuvenating it next spring...

    it isnt a fungus from what i can see, but water early in the morning when it starts to warm up and dont drench just mild watering for about 7-10 days see where that gets you.
  6. 944own

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    Thanks really from day 1 taking this sod off the pallets I could see just a hint of this yellow but really didnt think nothing of it. I have really slacked off the water not being lazy I have irrigation it just seems like it really didnt need it as much. I will try my best and I hope the fert helps some.
  7. Cloud9Landscapes

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    Many of the fungicides on the market can be applied to prevent and treat fungus. Applying a fungicide that prevents fungus will give you assurance that you don't have a fungus. Usually brown patch shows up in the heat of summer, so I'm almost positive that isn't the case. You might consider applying chelated iron.
  8. 944own

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    Thanks I may try the iron do you think the 24-2-11 could help it. It doesnt really look like a fungus to me either. It looks like it is starving and I thought the nitrogen could green it back up.
  9. turkeyman

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    I dont think the iron will help your problem. You said it got bad after the frist frost it will be ok. its just have frost bit is what i call it. the nitrogen will help grow it out and cut the yellow off.
  10. 944own

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    Thanks that is what one of the guys at john Deere landscapes told me today.
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