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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by mmedley, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. mmedley

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    Hey Guys,

    I am a homeowner and I am in the process of building another house. My question is what is the best care of new sod? I know you need to keep it watered? Should I water it everyday? Fertilize or not? Which one to use?
    I want to get it started right to have a beautilful lawn...

  2. grassman177

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    it should have a high phosphorus starter fert applied right b4 laying the sod, so it canhelp root it faster. water everyday, multiple times. dont for a minute let it dry out for about a week or so, untill you can lift the sod and it is starting to root. then you can back off a bit, but still not let it dry out. you should be able to get a good rooting in a bout 2-3 weeks at most. then water as needed. it is play by ear mainly, but this is a general guide. good luck
  3. Marcos

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    It's cool & moist in MD right now so I'd think you'd probably not want to water every day.
    Your job is to keep the sod moist but not soaked checking randomly with your finger about 1" deep.
    Extremely windy days pick important moisture up off the ground & blow it away, as do "perfect" days when the sun is bright and the humidity is low, so keep these things in mind.

    Did the contractor fertilize it when the sod was installed?
    How long ago was it installed?
    Important Qs... because if you double-up on the starter fertilizer you may very well be looking at a ch-ch-ch-CHIA! pet of a lawn come next month & you'll be cussing up a storm double-cutting your lawn, wondering what awful sin you could have committed in your life to deserve such misery! :wall :laugh:

    If you DO need to fertilize...
    Find something with a 2-3-1 ratio on the analysis, like 16-26-10, for example.
    50# bags are the best value.
    And if you get 50# bags, 1/2 the value of the middle number on the bag (representing phosphorus) determines the coverage.
    So in the example of the 50# bag of 16-26-10, the coverage is 13,000 sq ft, or slightly over a quarter acre.
  4. mmedley

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    Well the house is in its foundation stage so the sod is no where close to being laid. I figure around May they should be done and have the sod down. I am just trying to research and figure out the best upkeep for it......
  5. Marcos

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    So what specie(s) of grass did you and/or your significant other select?
    Is your soil fairly decent? Not too rocky I hope.
  6. DiyDave

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    Most of the soils around upper mayberry are sandy, its hard to over water sod. you want to water it till you can't walk on it without sinking, after it is initially installed. Thereafter, water it 1-1-1/2" per week. You may need to water twice in the week to get to that total. As the sod roots, you can back off on the water, a little, goal is 1" per week. Also, around here, (in May), it is important that your contractor have his act together, and not let the sod sit in the pallet over 24 hrs, or it will spoil, just like milk. Species selection should be turf type tall fescue, or fescue/bluegrass blend. That's all the free info you get from me as you are in my service area. J/K, LOL!:laugh::laugh::waving:
  7. froglawn

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    Water water water everday!!!!!!!!!!! If you dont it will die!!!!!

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