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    An Inconvenient Truth: Warm Winter Weather and More Greenhouse Gas Could Mean Greater Chances of Even Worse Poison Ivy Itch for You!

    Bash the rash with IvyBlock – the ONLY FDA-approved product that prevents painful poison ivy, oak and sumac itch and irritation

    LOS ANGELES (February 2, 2007)  Just when you thought dealing with poison ivy couldn’t possibly get any worse! This year’s warm winter weather enjoyed by people in many parts of the country has come with an itchy side-effect, as experts believe that the mild temperatures, coupled with rising levels of carbon dioxide could result in increasing levels of more potent poison ivy. It is important that outdoor enthusiasts, gardeners and others who enjoy hiking and other fresh air activities make sure that poisonous plants don’t ruin their summer fun by stocking up on IvyBlock, the ONLY FDA-approved poison ivy PREVENTION product.

    According to a Duke University study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (June 13, 2006), increasing levels of carbon dioxide (greenhouse gases) are causing poison ivy to become more abundant and grow faster – and even more potent as levels of the plant’s itch-and-rash causing oil urushiol increase. Also, according to Rich Patterson, director of the Indian Creek Nature Center in Iowa, the warm winter will help the poisonous plant to grow more potently and will encourage vines, such as poison ivy, to grow and spread rapidly.

    While there are a growing number of products available to help relieve poison ivy, oak and sumac itch and rash, IvyBlock lotion is the ONLY FDA-APPROVED product that PREVENTS the itch, rash and discomfort that occur as a result of contact with poison ivy, oak and sumac. IvyBlock’s active ingredient bentoquatam creates an absorbent barrier, preventing urushiol from touching or penetrating the skin and causing irritation and painful allergic reactions. Just apply IvyBlock 15 minutes prior to the potential for exposure, and enjoy the outdoors worry free!

    “Within the last few years, a half a dozen new brands claming to provide relief for poison ivy, oak and sumac have sprung up on store shelves,” says IvyBlock developer Dave Schropfer. “But none of these products have the 10 years of proven safety and effectiveness that IvyBlock has behind it. As poison ivy becomes an even bigger problem in the future and this growth spurt in the category continues, consumers need to know that while there are numerous products that try to treat the rash, only IvyBlock is proven to prevent the itch and rash all together!”

    According to the American Academy of Dermatology, up to 50 million people each year suffer from the itchy, oozing red rash and itch caused by contact with poison ivy, oak or sumac, and more than 80 percent of the population is allergic. In fact, 350,000 cases are reported each year, as unsuspecting individuals trod through the wilderness, reorganize last year’s outdoor gear or gardening equipment (with urushiol oil still covering the material), set up camp next to the poisonous plants or pick up a wrong weed or two while gardening. Winter, spring, summer or fall – the risk for contact with itch-causing urushiol never completely goes away, even with long sleeves, pants and other cover-up gear. But with IvyBlock, protection is guaranteed year-round. In fact, a study showing IvyBlock’s effectiveness was published in the August 1995 Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

    “I’ve seen some pretty serious reactions that can definitely affect a patient’s health after they mistakenly touch the oils in poison ivy, oak and sumac,” says Dr. Joseph F. Fowler, dermatologist in private practice, Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the University of Louisville School of Medicine and co-author of the clinical study proving IvyBlock’s effectiveness. “I recommend IvyBlock exclusively for prevention of poison ivy, oak and sumac symptoms because it’s the only product proven to block an allergic reaction from exposure to these poisonous plants.”

    IvyBlock lotion is also available as part of IvyComplete™ – a three-pack of poison ivy, oak and sumac treatment and prevention products. IvyComplete features IvyBlock lotion, the only FDA-approved product that prevents the skin rash that comes from contact with poison ivy, oak and sumac by blocking the harmful oils in these plants. Individuals who forget to use IvyBlock prior to going outside, can also try IvyCleanse, a wipe specifically developed to remove the urushiol oil that causes itching after coming in contact with the plant. The third product included in the IvyComplete package is IvySoothe, a maximum-strength hydrocortisone cream clinically tested for safety and effectiveness in providing rapid relief from itch and rash from poisonous plants, insect bites and minor skin irritations.

    IvyBlock lotion is available at RiteAid, Brooks, Longs, Stop N Shop, Kinney Drug, Happy Harry’s, Meijers, Giant Food, REI, EMS and a wide range of chain and independent pharmacies and outdoor shops nationwide. The suggested retail price for a 4 oz. bottle of IvyBlock lotion is $14.99. IvyComplete is available at RiteAid stores nationwide with a suggested retail price of $24.99. For more information or a list of retail locations, visit, or to learn more about poison ivy, oak and sumac and see how your poison ivy horror stories compares with others at

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    this stuff is amazing i use it like sun block and between this and a shot that i get to prevent from getting poison ivy i dont get it any more
  3. greenbaylawns

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    Good to here. Going to have to get some now
  4. atv220chris

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    in st louis we have been told that we are going to get 3-5 in of snow then 1-2 in of sleet and freazing rain
  5. bob

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    I use this product while trimming a poison ivy infested ditch. it works quite well.
  6. Landrus2

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    Thank you for this information.
  7. CuttinUP

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    I have cleaned out beds that have been taken over with poison ivy with string trimmer. The juices are going all over me. With the Ivy Block on I have never had the rash and itch. This stuff is amazing!:clapping:

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