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    The Super Lawn Truck System....

    Realizing that in the competitive world of business, time is money, Tony Bass of Bonaire, Georgia was determined to discover a more efficient way to run his already-successful landscaping company. An engineer by trade, Tony spent six crucial months in 1992 dissecting and studying his operational processes.

    With the goal of raising his profit margin by at least 10%, Tony knew he needed to figure out a way to either cut labor costs or increase productivity. He calculated that if a landscape company like his could somehow save just six minutes of wasted time every hour, his profit margin would increase dramatically.

    ("Estimated Annual Loss Chart" calculations)

    "Wasted" time was cited as daily inefficiency by crew members involved in time-hungry tasks like:

    Loading and preparing the truck before work each morning.

    Traveling to the gas station to fuel the truck & the mowers and to fill gas cans.

    Locating the exact tools or supplies in the truck needed to do the job.

    Handling truck repairs and servicing equipment.

    Hooking up or unhooking trailers to transport equipment.

    Locating adequate parking spaces for truck and trailer combinations.

    Tony realized those lost minutes added up to many unbillable hours that were costing his business thousands of dollars in profit every year!

    After traveling the country to study the leading companies in the landscaping business, Tony returned home to Bonaire and -- with the help of his dad, Buddy -- spent six years developing, perfecting, and beginning the patenting process for a superior equipment transportation & storage system that would virtually revolutionize the industry — the Super Lawn Truck.TM

    Tony Bass’s innovative system increased his own landscaping company’s annual income by 20% and doubled its profits in the first year. Today, landscaping companies -- large and small -- from across the country have taken their businesses to the next success level by increasing productivity, profitability and employee morale. Each Super Lawn Truck system is customized, making each one distinctive and perfectly suited to the way you do business.

    Be sure to check out the Super Lawn Truck System at today!

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