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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by chimmygew, Jul 25, 2005.

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    This is my second year spraying and I currently use my sprayer on my 4-wheeler. Works ok, pain in the but constatly going from forward to reverse, not to mention it is staining it. My dad mows a few yards and uses my equipment on the weekends. He has an old craftsman hydro mower sitting in the garage that still runs pretty good. He told me I could have it if I wanted it. I don't wanna mow with it, so I thought about taking off the deck and making a rack for the back attached to the frame and hinging it then putting a caster wheel like on the front of a ztr to the very back to help with weight distribution. On the front I would mount the 10' boom along with a 42" boom I could switch between bigger and smaller yards. This way I would have a dedicated spray rig without having to take off the tank all the time to take my kids for rides on the ATV. How well do you think it would work? Any advice or comments? Has anyone done or seen anything similar? It will actually be attached to the frame and not be a tow behind.
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    I'm going to be painfully honest here. Hope it dosen't offend. :)
    I think that you need to invest in some professional equiptment that is safe to use, easier to calibrate, and looks professional. You will get better results with better equiptment-plus knowledge-also. I think that I would have a very hard time conveying to my customers that I was I professional pesticide applicator with something like you mentioned. This is jusy my opinion, many my disagree.
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    I was actually going to use this idea with a walk-behind, but cannot find one at a decent price. I agree it will look a little tacky, but could end up being very useful. The main problem I have is I live in a small city/county and have only a handful of customers. With that being said, I cannot justify buying a perma green or z spray. When business does finally come my way (hopefully soon), I can easily justify buying the aforementioned pieces of equipment. Also, I have a friend in the auto body biz and he was going to paint and put my logo on the garden tractor when I got it done. That being said, your comment does not offend me, unlike other posts on this site, there was nothing offensive about your post. I for the most part agree with you. That is why I was looking for opinions.
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    Depends on how well the sprayer looks/works when it's finished. Calibration is achieved by ground speed, pressure and nozzle jet size on my sprayer. That could be done accurately with a fifty five gallon drum if you know what your doing. How would you measure your ground speed with this unit?
    One heck of a lot of the professional farm equipment we use today is the results of home built units much like the one your thinking about. I have seen old combines turned into very nice looking field sprayers. Your project has merit partly dependent on availability of the pieces necessary to build it. If you have to buy all new ..pump..booms..nozzles...pressure gage and bypass valve etc. You could get a commercially built sprayer unit for the same or even less. But not a self propelled one I would think. I like the idea of dedicated equipment. Too lazy to change attachments I guess. LOL So if you have the skill I say go for it and I want to see pictures when it's done. :)

    Oh and as for tacky looking.....maybe but never underestimate the power of paint.
  5. chimmygew

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    I have everything I need except for maybe some more hose. I would like to build a zero turn sprayer, which is why I was looking for a walk-behind, but the garden tractor will give me a tighter turning radius than the 4 wheeler. I think I have figured a way to mount the 42" boom above the 10' boom and then it will swing down in front of the 10' boom when needed. Also, I was thinking of buying a van over the winter to transport my spray equipment next year. The one good thing about my project is I will be able to drive into the van. Thinking about a rear entry wheelchair van painted up with logo's.

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