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    Just Received My New Lesco Spreader....with The 80lb Using Lesco Fertilizer....24-0-11..with 3% Sulfer...and 3% Iron....i Am Used To Using An Off Brand Spreader..and Had That Calibrated Perfect...the Lesco Fert. I Am Using Says To Calibrate To # 15..which I Have Done....question Fert. Sure Gets Thrown Along Ways On Both Sides Of The Spreader....i Am Walking My Normal I Need To Over Lap Much...or At Old Spreader I Was Overlapping Quite A Bit....any Advice On This New Spreader Would Be Great....t.g.
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    Throw back to your wheel tracks. That setting is for 1# N, too much N for this time of the year. You will have to calibrate the spreader to your walking speed and check it to make sure the exact quantity you want is being applied. No other easy way around it.

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