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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Tobruk79, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. Tobruk79

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    Im just gonna post the numbers from my reciepts so other new people can get a good ideal of what it costs to start. My initial budget was 5k and I've blown right past it. I will begin advertising Wednesday and cutting Friday. Anyways I hope this helps someone.

    For a total startup of 6662.50

    Name Registration 60.00
    LLC Filing 130.00
    Business License 22.00
    Insurance (commercial auto + Liabilty) 712.50
    Printer & Office supplies 110.73
    Hitch 213.38
    Stihl Equipment 1227.95 (Blower, Edger, Trimmer, Hedgetrimmer)
    Safety Equipment 53.90 (hearing + eyes)
    Trailer 873.30
    Traffic Cones + Measuring Wheel 91.33
    Cell Phone 152.32
    Exmark 36 metro 2487.82
    Business Cards 71
    Doorhangers 228
    Misc Reciepts total 227.85 (anything extra I needed for tools)
  2. b727guru

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    How and where do you register?
    Is this a registration of the name for the entire state or just the county you live in?
    How about the design of your logo? Is that included in the registration?
  3. GardenofWeeden

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    Who is your Commercial Auto Insurance and Business Insurance with? I need to switch from Hartford????
  4. pfifla1

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    i am gussing you dont include your vehicle, (which is write off) in your budget, i blew past my 15k mark when i started, went out and bought a 18,000$ truck.. have you found that advertising works? i am Word of mouth only and i have never had any problems.
  5. Tobruk79

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    Ill get back to you on the insurance question, the policy was written by a local company.

    I had a truck handy :)

    The name is registered with the state through the department of fictitious names. I found the requirements for that and the LLC online printed the forms and mailed the checks.
  6. Carolina Cuts

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    where did you find that information online at?
  7. Tobruk79

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  8. Mower63

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    Well, its a good start. First, I'd drop the pennies and round everything up a few bucks when you are trying to create a realistic budget. Next, take everything you estimate and double it. Then add about 20% contingency....I'm not joking. I just bought 2 landscape companies down here. 2 weeks into the first one...thought I did my due diligence...happy as a great...what happens??? The ramp door falls off one of my trailers when I'm picking up a 52 walk behind from the mechanic. Never saw that one coming. Oh yeah, lots of other un-forseen costs, maintenance, spare parts, etc.

    If you're starting bottom up I'd throw a lot of $$ into the marketing bucket. 228 for door hangers seems light. I think you can only get about 1000 of those and then you'll end up with a few calls, side jobs, etc. In the short time I've been doing this I've found 3 things that bring the most return on investment: 1. Referrals 2. Yellow Pages (name listed in the A's) 3. Business Networking groups

    Referrals and networking only cost a small amount but requires lots of time - best return. My first month in biz and my yellow pages ad got me $ 5K in landscaping jobs. Wish they would turn into maintenance but who's going to look a gift horse in the mouth? I'll work those for the referrals....make sure to work the property managers. Nothing like having a couple of HOA's and office buildings to spend the day at then collect the big wear and tear on the vehicles is much lower than driving the country mile between accounts.

    Sorry to ramble on here but just want to share my experience.

    Anyway, good luck. Be professional, call back, show up on time and give over the top'll be more successful than you imagined.

    BTW, I noticed you didn't mention insurance to cover your equipment...make sure you look have it. Nothing like coming back to the truck after grabbing lunch and finding 2 line trimmers missing.

    Oh, and if you're not working 60 - 80 hours a week in startup, you're either damn lucky, damn smart or not working hard enough at this...


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