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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by travis-lawncare, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. travis-lawncare

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    I have decided to try and get more "professional" this year. I currently mow 1 yard (church) on a regular basis. I want to get that up to at least 8-10 this spring.

    I purchased a Troy Built Super Bronco riding mower last summer with a Kohler engine. It is ok and gets the job done but wonder if a walk-behind would be better? I live in the appalachain mountains and hills are COMMON!

    I have a cheap self propelled Bolens (spelling) push mower and a small Sthill trimmer. No trailer either, I have been using ramps. I own (just paid off! YESSSSSSSS!) a 02 4X4 Dodge Dakota that I could pull a trailer with but really want to keep working toward getting my personal finances to a point I am debt free except my home. As of right now, that will be August this year, if I can mow more yards it will be sooner! Any suggestions on a mower (walk-behind) that I should consider, or do you think the Troy Built will work for what I want to do? I just purchased the guide to starting a mowing business that is sold on this site. I have skimmed through it, and plan to do alot of what it says.....just wondering about my mower now..
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    I can relate to your story there i still use Troy Built Super Bronco its a 42" and i bought a bolens 21" pushmower. i will hopefully buy a commerical mower this year. i'm now in a partnership and i will begin in febuary back to work in lawncare.

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    is this gonna be your full time job or are you just doing this on the side? how big do you want to get? IMO a little debt is ok as long as its not too much and you can pay if off asap. dept is just part of life. being debt free is very nice though. i would say to buy the best mower that you can afford. if this is going to be your career and you depend on it then you need good equipment. If you buy it used make sure its reliable and has been taken care of. just my 2cents. good luck with your business. do a good job and do it for a fair price and you'll have plenty of work. you can advertise till you are blue in the face but the best add. is word of mouth.
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    I plan on doing this part-time, but you never know what that may lead to either!
  5. travis-lawncare

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    Ok, if you were me, and had to start from scratch so to speak, what would you do, or buy?

    Work with what you've got (the super bronco rider) or sell the bronco and buy something else? I know that some of the yards I will be mowing could be rather large too, so I don't want to get a small (20 inch range) walkbehind. Also, I would be standing or riding for a long time. I looked at a cub cadet zero turn today for around $5200 but I hear that they may not be the best for hills. I can't remember the model, but it has blades that fold up to fit through tight areas like gates, and I thought that was pretty cool. Will I do $5200 worth of business? Not sure?

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