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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by bluemoon, Jun 11, 2003.

  1. bluemoon

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    I am thinking of installing lawn irrigation. Need some feedback.
    I will be doing this on my own, with no help. Would like to use a vib. plow to pull all pipe in. How does pulling pipe in compare to trenching. Seems to me there is alot of hand digging, when I see the guys pulling the pipe in. I guess I am asking how labor intensive is it.
    I have a put in a system, and trenched it in. The backfilling about killed my back, and I should add I do have some back problems.
    I am desparate, and need to work smart. Should I buy something like a dingo asap or is the labor savings non measureable.
    What equipment at a minimum would you recommend.
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Not sure what I am going to do. Just considering options.
  2. turfman59

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    Its the only way to have professional results ( pipe puller )

    If your working on a lawn that is already in decent shape, trenching will be a bad way to try to acheive damage free results.

    there are great post's buy HB fox on how to dig established turf to plant sprinkler heads, using tarps also gives you a very professional and neat finished look,

    once you get used to being careful then work on your speed.

    I tried trenching only on new construction without existing turf,
    its a pain in the ars trying to get rid of all those freaking stones.

    once you get used to pipe pulling I wouldnt do it any other way now.

    Blazing saddles are a good way to speed up your install time and helps with ease of construction. Use the search feature.
  3. jman00

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    since when is using a trencher on established turf unprofessional. I know we dont use pe pipe down here but even up north do you consider guys who trench unprofessional. When i get done with a job the trenched are backfilled and all soil is off of the lawn the onlything you can see are lines of dirt. Next season the lines are gone. I have also seen these trenches dissapear in the same year. I like the idea of pe pipe and would love to use it down here i have thought about it but i think pvc is better down here. I wouldnt even know where to start with it. On a good lawn that is taken care off and is green your eyes dont even see the lines.
  4. turfman59

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    what is wrong with a little help now and then?
    the more help, the more projects you can be involved in.
    The more money you can make. Without help you will get burned out quick, and the clients will wonder what kind of company they hired.
    My feeling is they dont want you hanging around, they want the thing done yesterday.

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