New Stihl edger? Which model? split boom?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FrankenScagMachines, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. FrankenScagMachines

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    Ok I am in need of a new edger but i'm a bit undecided on some things. I am getting a Stihl (the Echo is OK but personal preference is for Stihl).. Went to the dealer today and here's the options:
    FC55 edger (curved shaft): $230
    FC85 edger (straight shaft): $370

    KM55 split shaft unit $189
    KM85 split shaft unit $309
    KM110 4-mix split shaft unit: $329
    Curved shaft edger attachment for above: $99
    Straight shaft edger attachment for above: $159

    Ok... I really really like the price of an FC55. It seems to have plenty of power (they gave me a demo until tomorrow). I really like the way the FC85 is built (stuff like throttle trigger is a bit beefier, the plastic seems sturdier) but I like the lighter weight of the 55. I haven't yet needed a split shaft, and i've had one ever since i've been in biz, but I always wonder if it would be better to have one "just in case" i ever needed one in the future. seems a waste to buy a dedicated unit and have it just sit there when i need to use another machine... The 4-mix would be sweet but I think if I was getting a split shaft, it needs to be a FC55 due to price issues. I may just get a 55 split shaft with the edger attachment which would be about $60 more than the dedicated 55 edger. Any major problems with the 55? My FS80 trimmer I got new in July 2002 and it still looks like new (dirty and a tiny bit faded but no plastic is broke or beat up on it).
    Think the 55 is fine? The edger is not used constantly like a trimmer so I wouldn't worry about it holding up to constant abuse. I keep the edges up every other week or so, so I don't need gobs of power. I cut some new edges with it and was pleased with it.
    Thanks for input.
  2. fivestarlawnken

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    I have the fc75 (I think) It does well other than the guard clogs up with moist dirt.This is the curved at the bottom model.Pretty happy with it so far got it new on clearence from local dealer for 259.00. My only regret is not getting the fc85 so I could put a articulating hedge trimmer on the end of it. Oh well.
  3. Potchkins

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    Stihl FC 110 straight shaft
    that's my pick even though you didn't
    list that one
  4. shortgut

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    WE HAVE 2 FS 55 AND THEY ARE ABOUT 3 YRS OLD AND REALLY NO MAJOR PROBLEMS ONLY BEEN DOWN TO SHOP TWO TIMES AND THAT WAS the start of this year clutch spring broke sure makes it hard to try anything else with such great service that we have goten out of these 2 trimmers
  5. Garden Panzer

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    I did the same thing today! I'm wondering how the attachment system is working. Anyone use the hedgr trimmers? and the rototiller?
    How bad do they clog with wet dirt? It's pretty wet here!
  6. Husky03

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    I have an FC55 and it works well on yards that are already groomed. It does not have very good power for starting a trench, but it will work just SLOWLY. Does anybody have any tips on getting the nut off to change the blade? Both times I have needed a new blade I have had to take it in to the dealer. I realize it is reverse threaded. It feels like if I turn the socket any harder it will bend/break something.:confused:

  7. FrankenScagMachines

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    Ok guys... I got to thinking last night. a split boom would be nice but I don't think i have plans to use any of those attachments any time soon. the only reason i'd want a split is to use a trimmer and for that extra $160 for the split and the trimmer attachment I may as well go buy a FS55 trimmer if the need ever arises. so i think i may just get the FC55 edger. it will do what I want and much cheaper than the rest. i really want to save my money right now.
  8. 65hoss

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    Get the 85. The head design is much better. Its designed not to clog. I have never had one clog up. You will want the better "comm'l" design of the 85.
  9. FrankenScagMachines

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    Thanks Hoss. This morning I took my parents out to the garage and showed them the FC55 demo next to my FS80 trimmer and explained why I was having trouble with the decision. I showed the differences in the handle design (trigger and top safety trigger, brittle looking handle design, etc) and explained the differences in engine, clutch and shaft drive. I just educated them and they pretty much said just get the FC85 and be done with it. We all seemed to think that the handle on the 55 was not very sturdy looking and I was afraid I’d break the handle with it bouncing around on my trimmer rack, and the little triggers already caught a couple of times while I was using it a little bit (they are cheaper, chincier looking). $140 extra for the FC85, and probably well worth it but I thought the 55 was fine for me but we decided on the 85. I wondered about the shield on the 55 edger. Looks like the one on my Echo but steel not plastic (or cast whatever). I cut the side off of the Echo plastic one and it did worlds better after that (the new Echo ones do not have a side so I copied that).
    Looks like I’ll be picking up a nice new shiny FC85 this morning. I decided not to get a split shaft because I have not needed one yet and the only attachment I would need is a trimmer and if I ever need one I’d just get a dedicated trimmer unit because by the time you pay the extra for the split and the attachment, it still takes time to change the attachments. If it was something like a powersweep or hedge trimmer that would be fine but I have no use for that stuff at this time. Even at that, I believe with the FC85 you can still take off the edger head and put on different attachments, just not “quick connect”.
  10. Cracker

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    Yea, there is a hole that you can stick an allen wrench or small screw driver in to keep the blade from spinning. It is on the bottom.

    I have an fc55, If you want to edge a yard that has not been edged in a long time, the fc55 will work you to death. Spend the extra dough and get one with more power.

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