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    It's no propaganda. At the time Stihl was developing their 4 mix, there were no stratocharged 2 strokes. About the time Stihl was getting close to bringing them to market, Redmax came out with the strato engines, and they were able to meet and exceed EPA's BS regs. Stihl already had hundreds of millions invested in the 4 mix, but they bought over 100K starto engines from RM before deciding to go head since their investment in the 4 mix was so steep at that point. Simple as that.

    Now they know they can make a 2 stroke that will meet epa regs. Besides, many of us like the 4 mix engines because of their torque. They are easy to start and good on fuel. I run both types in my business, and each has its place.
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    Must have taken Stihl a long time to develop those 4 mixes:

    "RedMax is the original inventor of the world’s first stratified-charged 2-stroke engine.
    Introduced in 1998, our state-of-the-art Strato-Charged engines are designed with advanced technology that reduces impact on the environment through efficient engine design, increased fuel economy and reduced emissions.
    For ten years, this proven technology has delivered maximum performance in a light, rugged design with outstanding features that set it apart from the competition. The Strato-Charged 2-stroke engine:
    Achieves up to 20% more fuel efficiency than standard 2-stroke engines Produces low emissions that meet regulations without the need for a heated, heavy catalytic converter Requires no valve adjustments, oil changes or daily oil reservoir level checks Generates 15 to 20% more horsepower than a typical 4-stroke or 4-stroke hybrid engine of the same engine displacement size Includes the hallmarks of RedMax engineering and design: MaxPower, MaxTorque, MaxSpeed, MaxAcceleration, MaxPerformance and MaxTechnology RedMax’s Strato-Charged 2-stroke engines operate at maximum efficiency with just three moving parts. By comparison, 4-stroke or 4-stroke hybrid engines contain as many as 30 moving parts."
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    They were meeting regs of the epa at the time they were developed t, but the epa tightened them drastically well after the strato engine was designed. Stihl and most other companies didn't think any two stroke would be able to meet the new regs, but RM kept refining their engines until they not only met, but surpassed the regs. It seems you might believe that Stihl developed the 4 mix in a very short period of time, but that isn't true. They were in the works from about the early 2000's or maybe even '98/99.

    I had a link to a lengthy article by an industry reporter all this, but can't find it anymore. I think it is still in our old computer.
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    The strato engine was out before Stihl put all it's money on the 4 mix. Stihl just insisted no 2 stroke could meet the EPA standards and they were wrong.
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    The strato was out about the same time that Stihl started developing the 4 mix, not way before. Stihl was not the only manu who thought they were going to have to do something different. They all did. You have a chip on your shoulder against Stihl, fine by me, but at least get all the facts right. I use Stihl, Husky J-Red.... it really makes no difference to me. If it does what I want, that's all that matters to me.
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    If I'm not mistaken, I believe RG has it pretty much right. My memory sucks but... Stihl developed the 4-mix in anticipation of coming regs. Rumor was that the coming EPA regs would essentially eliminate all 2-stroke production. Both Stihl and Shindaiwa poured all their R&D into 4-cycle technology. Redmax built some really crappy 4-cycles, but managed to really make headway with the strato technology.

    Apparently the industry was all in disarray. The new EPA regs threatened to destroy the industry. Ironically, the target emissions were never implemented. Leaving Stihl and Shindaiwa with newly developed engines few liked and no longer necessary.

    I see it more of a solid screwing we got from the EPA. I think it's admirable that Stihl developed an effective "new" technology. I'd rather have seen the new 2-stroke at 25-26cc.

    As to the bit about Redmax developing Strato. I believe Homelite beat them to it by quite a few years. Redmax simply perfected it.
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    I hate to say it but that's just a plastic piece waiting to get broken off when it gets caught up on the side of a trailer or truck, how I know, Echos are the same way... One of the last reasons I stuck with Stihls so long is their solid throttles, guess that's gone the way of "better get more parts department orders." During daily solo use you'll break one about every 4-5 years, not that big of a deal but still more cost than the old ones that never broke.

    One other thing...
    Strato is a made-up name, we can ooooh and ahhhh about it but it doesn't really tell me much.
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    agreed, the new 94's are bad ass, they are like all the old school 2 strokes that everyone loved, the ONLY thing that i can say the fs 100's had that were better was the throttle lever…a solid lever won't break near as easily as this "new" style, which every old school trimmer had and broke
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    I bought one about a week ago. I love it. Super light, super smooth. It has plenty of balls and is very easy to control. I mow a chevy dealership and the cruise control is nice so i don't blast any vehicles. I highly recommend this trimmer.
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    Picked up a fs 70 yesterday, I called my dealer and he's gonna let me exchange it. It's nice but does not hold enough fuel for my uses. Also it seems to go crazy out of balance , I assume this is the flex shaft? Do the 94's have this issue? I didn't like that at all and don't want a 94 if it has the same issue. Is it a flex or is it solid like the larger trimmers?

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