New Stihl FS 94R Review with photo's

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jojoleafsfan, Jan 24, 2014.

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    The Stihl tech rep we talked with for quite a while at this years open house said the 90 was on its way out, but would be a while before it was gone, He said he was pretty sure the others would be around a while.

    Get some Oregon Gator Magnum Super Twist. You won't use any other line after you try this stuff. It cuts like a sharp pair of scissors. That chord down the middle is Aramid fiber.:)

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    I can say that i recomend this trimmer we used the 130 before and never did like the rpm control of the 130 having a true 2 stroke makes a big difference the 130 clutches would snap etc because they are designed to be run full throttle , thats kind of hard to do around someones house so the new lightweight 2 strokes are awesome i have 3 this year running and no problems so far with any and thats what i use , i will say the new 240 that is replacing the 250 has the power but is pritty bulky , by the end of this year we plan on having just the 94 for the normal stuff and the 240 for the heavy stuff we will have to keep the 130 kombi heads until they come out with a replacement for them , has anyone heard of they are going to come out with a replacement for the 130 kombi , but i would recomend the new 94 and i personally think the true 2 strokes are much better than the 90 110 130 line.
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    I also bought a 94 a few weeks ago. All of my other trimmers are 110's. I love them and their power. I have no problem running them low, med or full throttle for extended periods. My older brother helps me. For a while due to his hands being numb he struggled with feathering the 110's or half speed. When I seen the 94, I got it just for him. He loves it. He puts it on half speed and can pull the trigger all the way down and keep it there. He's only half fast so half throttle works for him. Me, If it had more power off the get go I would like it better. I used it today at the end of the day due to it being lighter. Only problem was, It just took to long to get through. It's OK but, give me my 110 so I can get through it and done.

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