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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by freshprince94, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. freshprince94

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    After a long period of researching and borrowing equipment, I finally bought a hedge trimmer today. I ended up with a Stihl KM 90 with the articulating hedge trimmer. I was planning on getting a FS 90 and switching out the gearbox, but the dealer pointed out the advantages of the Kombi and it was too good to pass up.

    I tried it out on some of my own hedges today (which were long overgrown). The 28.4 cc engine was a beast and handled them perfectly. I have no regrets at all and am glad I went with a Stihl. Over time, I am planning on an edger, trimmer, and BP blower.

    Total cost was $545 with tax and a free case of oil.

    Pics coming soon!
  2. Icepuck72

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    What exactly did the dealer point out with regards to advantages? I had a dealer tell me to just stick with the FS90, and not to mess with the KM.

    Just curious to get another point of view - I'm in the market for buying attachments
  3. pj550v12

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    As far as a hedge trmmer goes, I stuck with the hedge trimmer gear box. I do have a kombi system too, but I'll stick to using that as a trimmer and edger. To date I have no regrets with my set up, best of luck though, you purchased a good piece of equipment!
  4. S man

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    I think you're dealer pointed out the advantages of it because he made more money off of you. If you got the fs90 with the hedge trimmer gear box it would have been close to the same price but you would have two attachments instead of one. Did you get the trimmer head also? If not having a split shaft with one attachment doesn't make a lot of sense. Best of luck to you though. Make lots of money trimming hedges!
  5. Lazer_Z

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    #1 I (personally) think you should do more research before posting. #2 I have been and still am going down that road and it sucks. Switching out gearboxes is the absolute biggest PITA ever! My next machine is going to be set up like this: KM 130 R, String Head, Straight Shaft Edger & Articulating Hedge Trimmer. I can already see the positives, 1st I'll only have to carry 1 machine when I have a light day, 2nd the hedge trimmer has an amazing range of movement, 3rd MORE POWER!!!!

    BTW, Scott, the total after tax for all I just listed is $936.04.
    MY price is just under $700.00 after tax and trade for the above listed.

    Sorry, I forgot to say FP, congrats on the new machine!
  6. freshprince94

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    He did admit that it would cost more to get the Kombi, but like Rob said, it would be a PITA to switch out gearboxes every time I need to trim hedges (all my accounts except one or two, I had to work my butt off getting more HT jobs before I bought this). Also, he said it isn't very good for the gearbox to change out attachments often.

    I am planning on adding a pole pruner attachment, but the Kombi will be used mostly for hedge trimming. However, I am probably going to stick with a dedicated unit for my trimmers and edgers, as I don't want to change those out every account.

    Thanks for all the advice guys.
  7. freshprince94

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    See my other post.

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