New Still Kombi 110....wont start

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mtcjb, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. mtcjb

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    Ran the dealers tank of gas through it with no issues, got down to nothin left in the tank but a lil fuel in the primer bubble when i finished edging, mixed 1 bottle of the 1 gallon stihl mix with one gallon fresh fuel, filled her up and these things have quirks im unaware of or is this just my typical luck, anyway thanks for any help, horrer stories or even cheap shots lol. I'm off to have a beer after this one will check back later.

  2. jnrogers

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    I know exactly what that is. Your fuel line fell of in the tank. I bought one and did not even get through the first tank of gas and it would not start. Take it back or take the tank off and fix it yourself. it takes just about 10 minutes to fix. The mechanic where I bought mine said when they come from the factory they barely stick the fuel line on, so he put it all the way on and put a wire tie around it not had any problems since. No kidding that thing starts on the very first pull. You will love it once you get that fixed.
  3. mtcjb

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    ty will check that in the morning :)

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