new strategy for turning fall cleaup customers, into permenent

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Nov 4, 2003.

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    what a difference a day makes. we placed our first add for fall cleanup last week. actually, it went out thursday. got tons of calls. did some estimates, came home empty handed . being in business as many years as i have, i should know i need to be more patient. over the next couple days, several of these people called back and said they wanted the work done. since the motivating factor for me advertising , is mainly to help build clients for 2004, mowing, ferts, etc, ive taken a different approach on how i will service these new clients, in hopes of turning them into permenent clients. instead of the usual "when they all fall, we will come and do a cleanup", ive decided that i will visit thier property weekly for the month of november. in addition to the cleanup, i will also cut the lawn(this gets done anyway, thats how we clean the leaves), and put an edge on the walkways. im hoping that seeing us on thier property once a week, and showing them how nice it can look when its maintained, will get them thinking about using us next season for regular maintenence. these people who call generally dont have lawn service now, but im hoping to plant the idea. any input?
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    If they agree to a weekly service, it might work good. It will be a lot easier for you with the leaves. Mabey they will like how it looks being cleaned weekly and not all of the mess around until they all fall.
    My first year, I waited until they all fell, and form then on, I offered to come weekly, all they all accepted.
    If they are skepticial about weekly, show the cost of weekly to waiting till they all fall. And a lot less mess.:D
  3. TRex

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    Same thing I have been thinking to. It should add quite a few new regular customers, but not all of them will want regular service. Do you have any ideas on how to sell them a weekly fall service rather than one clean up. And I am wondering about a pricing plan that is going to seem resonable to the customer for the weekly service that will of course cost more than it will in summer. It is a great idea and will get you in new neighborhoods for even more advertising.
  4. bobbygedd

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    trex, as we speak, i just got off the phone with yet another client who recieved a bid, and wants us to do the work. and also another who inquired about an estimate, i was able to sell her over the phone on weekly, instead of a one time. i simply tell them this: the way we do fall cleanup is....we quote a price for the entire cleanup, we do the cleanup once a week, for the month of november, for that flat fee, this is beneficial because the leaves dont fall all at once, so we keep the property clean, until they are all down. i havnt had one person object to this, and they seem to like the idea of repeat service for a flat fee. just make sure you give them a cutoff date(ours is dec 5th), and be sure to price accordingly, remember, you are now making 4 stops instead of one. ive inflated the prices a bit to cover this. i seem to get more takers when i tell them, "this is the way we do it.", rather than, "well, how would u like it done."
  5. TRex

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    So the total amount for the customer would be close to the same as if they were getting a one time cleanup after all the leaves had fallen. It would sure make them a lot easier to clean every week rather than have one huge mess. Could go into a little more detail on the pricing or an example would give me something to look at. Thanks bg.

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    I have tried to get them all to agree too weekly. Althoug i know i will have callls once they all fall.. I have found , and its only my first year. It is a hell of alot easier too do a little clean up every week or every other week then all at the end......
    Some of the customers where surprised at this, but very happy. there property looks better.
    And they may remember us in the spring .....
  7. bobbygedd

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    ok, last quote was $330, for the cleanup. this one will be done in 3 visits. first visit is this week(payment is due, $110), next visit is around the 17th of the month(payment due, $110), and final visit is around the 30th of the month(payment due, $110) . this particular one was broken into 3 visits, not 4. another client: cleanup fee is $360 total. visits will be weekly, payment of $90 is due at each visit. one word of caution on this, MAKE SURE IT IS VERY CLEAR, you are not selling"visits", at $90 each, you are selling the entire cleanup at $360. ill tell you why: been there, done that, the majority of the leaves fall during week 3, you get a call before week 4, saying that there arent many leaves to be cleaned this week, so we wont need you anymore. it doesnt work that way. its a "give and take thing". you price the whole cleanup, simply because weather, wind, etc will determine when the bulk of the leaves will fall. you may have an easy first week, an easy second week, then week 3 may be hell, all of the leaves may fall during this time, but dont let them pull a fast one on you. you get paid for the entire cleanup. p.s, dont clean the beds during weekly cleanups, save the beds for the last visit....
  8. Turfdude

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    Good sales technique. At first I wasn't sure how you were handling the beds. We almost have to let them go thill the end. It takes us approx 5 weeks to do all of my accounts' final fall clean-ups w/ the beds. This is why I hate snow prior to Jan 15th.

    We also have a handful of accounts who use us throughout the winter if its not too cold/snowy.
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    I think ol bobby was thinking over a can of coors light one night, great idea. One thing i would do, maybe contact these customers about a month before the season starts next year. Send a business card and some type of letter, because people tend to forget, or loose your name and number. But it sounds like a great idea.
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    Nothing but good ideas coming from this thread! Starting with Bobby G's idea, and ending with the last (above) post. This is experience and ingenuity talking!

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