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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MikeKle, Mar 21, 2009.

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    I have been looking around and doing searches on chute blockers and OCDCs for walkbehinds and have not really liked anything Ive seen. So I decided to fabricate my own. I came up with a very good design that is completely different than anything else out there. I was going to post a pic of it, but a couple friends told me I should try to patent it, since it is so different. Mine is on a turf tracer, but it would work on every other type of WB, it wouldnt work on a ZTR though. It is manual(non powered)and stays very close to the mower meaning it wont get caught up on anything while mowing. Has anyone ever tried to get a patent on something they made and/or tried to sell it? Ive seen those cheap inventors commercials but they look kinda shady, so I dont want to go that route. I spent alot of time searching the internet and different lawn sites, and I never saw anything even close to my desgin. Any thoughts on how to go about this?
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    talk to a lawyer......

    Most guys on here are lawn care business owners, not inventors. :D
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    My last business was a manufacturing business. I started it with a concept that I invented. I learned a lot along the way and much of it the hard way. If you want to patent your Idea keep your cards close to your chest for now. First file for a provisional patent. This will give you some time to see if the idea is worth going after. I am not a lawyer and my advice is free, probably worth what you pay for it. You will want to prove a date on your idea. This is important if anyone else is filing for a similar patent. The provisional patent is not too expensive and allows you to state patent pending. You can go ahead and start selling you idea at this point (if you do not go international patent). If you go after the official patent prepare to pay $10k to $20K by the time it is said and done. If you want to get an international patent then you should skip the provisional patent. Prepare to pay as much as $50k for the international patent. The product that I invented is found at
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    $10K to $20K for a patent on something that would sell for around or under $200.?? How do all these goofy infomercial companies afford that? If they are selling the "snuggie" (which I think is so funny) for $10., they would have to sell so many just to break even on manufacturing and the patent cost. I thought you apply for the provisional patent, then companies that produce the types of products that yours is in could have a chance to look at it and decide if they want to "buy" the idea from you. I believe the guy that invented roller blades went this route and sold his idea for $20K and now the company that owns the patent made millions on rollerblades! Maybe I am thinking of something else.

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