new style tires, kawi manual?

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by brucec32, Mar 5, 2003.

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    I've only used it a little, but already I have noticed that the tires on my new Lazer HP 48" 21 kawi slip more than the tires on my old Lazer HP. They look to have a more rounded shoulder. Good for turf damage when turning sharp, but they seem pretty slippery.

    Also a question. My Lazer didn't have a Kawasaki engine manual with the other manuals. Do I need to give my dealer a call?
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    Hey brucec32,

    Thanks for the post. That surprises me a little with the new tires. You do have the new Carlisle/Titan Multi-Trac tires, right?

    In the testing we did, we felt like they improved traction and gave us the best all around performance. That's the problem with tire testing; it's subjective. A lot of it depends on the conditions under which the tires are being used/tested and who is conducting the testing. We try to have a variety of people participate in the testing, and we test under different conditions, but that doesn't mean we cover everything.

    I would check the tire pressure to make sure you have the correct tire pressure in them (13 psi - all four tires). If you're still having problems, you may want to experiment with tire pressure a little or start trying three point turns until the grass gets a little more dry and stiff. I'd be interested in hearing if any other members are experiencing similar issues with the new tires on their LHP's.

    Your dealer may or may not have a spare engine manual sitting around. E-mail me at with your address and engine model. I'll put one in the mail ASAP.

    Thanks for the head's up,

  3. brucec32

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    I thought about the tire pressure, but haven't had a chance to check it. I will do so and see if that helps. Also, I only used it on a couple of lawns, and it is still a little soggy from Winter weather. Another factor is it's a new mower, and the handles are set up a little differently than I had mine. So as the grass starts growing and I start using it more, I'll post more feedback on the tires' performance.

    Ironically, one of my wishes for my previous Lazer Z hp was a more rounded tire profile, since I was having trouble in some conditions with them tearing turf. Maybe these will turn out to be superior.
  4. brucec32

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    I checked the tires and they were indeed overfilled, but even at 13psi today I still get the feeling this mower is a little more slippery on the turf. It "feels" almost like there is more weight bias to the front than my last lazer hp. Any changes made since '98 that would affect this?

    I actually slid on a modest incline into a fence at my parent's house today.

    Thanks Dustin for the Kawi manual and brochures, they arrived today.

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