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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Fwilamosky, Dec 23, 2012.

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    i've got two '11 F350s with the 6.2
    overall its a good truck and has the power i need to tow, however i only tow up to 11k and that is pretty rarely. no real complaints with towing, it does pretty well for a gasser i think. having come from diesel it was a hard transfer from the torque at idle but the 6.0 powerstroke killed me in repairs.

    gas mileage also averages about 10.4ish for the f350 dump and 13.5-14 for the pickup
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    The 6.0 caused so many people grief it caused several companies such as Destroked to pop up that specialize in putting Cummins engines into Ford trucks. There are zero companies that specialize in putting Powerstroke or Duramax engines in other trucks.

    It's too bad Ford guys have to buy a medium duty F650/F750 to get the same 6.7 Cummins engine that you can get in a light duty Ram 2500/3500.

    The other bad thing about a gasser is no exhaust brake. This alone is a big disadvantage.
  3. millerx1805x

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    if you tap the brake in tow haul the truck downshifts to try to control speed and braking. not nearly as well as an exhaust brake but it certainly helps
  4. txirrigation

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    I have these:

    99' f-250 5.4L Gas (x2)- Great trucks with service bodies, we don't pull more than 5-6k gross with them bc they do not have the guts in the hills.

    07' f-450 6.0 Diesel DRW- The 6.0 has a bad rep, but really all you have to do is replace the injectors about every 150k and your good. This truck carries about 4,000lbs in the bed, and around 8,000lbs on a trailer daily. Once or twice a month we pull 12,000 when we need the rock saw. The truck has more power than we need, and has been great.

    12' chev 1500- Rated to tow around 11,000, but I would NEVER do it. Truck is way over rated on towing, but all we use it for is estimating and towing light trailers with plants/parts. Truck has no guts, but gets good mpg's. Great for what we bought it for, a little upset it cannot tow better.

    11' f-250 6.7 diesel- AWESOME. If I did not think I would tear the frame apart I would tow 50,000lbs with this motor. The only worry I have is the hitch holding together when I hit the pedal with a trailer. Maintain around 14mpg city and 19-21 hwy. When I am towing between 6-9,000lbs I get around 16gpm hwy and 11mpg city. 10,000+lbs I get around 10-11hwy and about 9 city. The only complaint is the emissions system, as soon as the warranty is gone we are taking it ALL out.

    12' f-350 6.7 diesel- AWESOME. I liked the 11' so much I got another.
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    Roger I have a 2002 f-250 5.4 It gets 12 driving and 8 towing. I also have a 2006 f-350 deisel. It gets 16 driving but 15.5 towing .
    I was never a fan of deisel for a few reasons.
    Noise , smell , cost of fuel.
    Now that I see what it does theres nop turning back for me.
  6. Fwilamosky

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    i test drove the 6.7 and am leading toward that now but I am not up to date on the emissions system for the 6.7, what are the cons of it?
  7. txirrigation

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    You have to fill the emissions fluid. It starts warning you when you are 800mi to empty, and if you go past the 800mi it starts slowing you down. First it slows you to 50mph for a while, then 10mph, then it will shut down. It is not a big deal, just fill it up. You can find the fluid at most gas stations and at auto parts stores.

    EGR sensors go bad from what I hear, but are covered by warranty. As soon as the warranty is up, take out all the EGR and emissions and kiss the problem goodbye.
  8. Fwilamosky

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    thanks for all the information
  9. PlantscapeSolutions

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    If your thinking about deleting later you had better buy the parts now. H&S is the second company to stop making tuners that allow you to reprogram you ECM to allow for deletes. I think it will be interesting to see if the few other delete tuners for Ford like Spartan end up getting shut down as well.
  10. jbell36

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    dude, all i have to say is don't count the 6.7's a great engine, yeah it's only been out for so long but i haven't heard one negative thing about it, except for the emissions bs but every new truck has to deal with that...we are finishing the emissions delete on my truck tonight ('08 6.4), i can't wait to turn it on for the first time...that's what i would do if i were you, but it will void your warranty and i'm guessing you will still have a warranty, especially if you buy brand new...keep in mind diesels can go 5-7,000 miles in between oil changes, no so much on a gasser...we have a '97 250 gasser, my favorite work truck of the fleet, but only gets 8.7 MPG, where as a diesel will get around 14, that's a huge difference...we have two fords and two dodges, a couple weeks ago both dodges were in the shop, non engine related (both have cummins) simply builds a better all around truck, especially when it comes to rust

    my truck has the spartan tuner on it, i'm curious as well when those will start getting yanked from the shelf

    spartan tuner
    dpf delete
    5" flo pro exhaust
    egr delete
    S&B intake
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