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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by bobcat_ron, Jul 19, 2012.

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    Contacted my buddy at Bobcat and he has their product bulletin already. I also called a friend of mine at a Tak dealership to confirm my info. The TL10 is actually replacing the TL240 and the TL12 is replacing the TL250. The nomenclature stands for the rough machine weight- TL10 (10,318lbs), TL12 (11,618).

    TL10- 92hp gross
    TL12- 110hp gross

    Standard and high flow rates and pressures are pretty much the same as are the ground pressures, widths, speeds, dump heights, reach, machine heights, etc.

    The big changes are to the engine (Tier IV) and some changes to the ROC due to relocating some components in the machines along with a pressurized cab (they kept the roll-up door). A bunch more like being able to pick one of three flows for Aux, factory installed ride control and pattern changer too.

    Base price for the open cab TL10 is $64k and about $71k AC/heat. The high flow TL10 with cab is around $73.5k. TL12 open cab- $77k and just over $83k for AC/heat. TL12 high flow is just over $86k.

    Add high temp cooling kit ($9500) and other goodies such as ride control, pattern changer, etc. and well...the price goes up. Machines will be available as soon as the Tier III TL250s inventory is gone. Hope this helps. friend at the Tak dealer hates the color too.
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    Damn they are still cheaper than Cat, 279C was just about $78,000 for full cab, no XPS.
    I kinda like the idea of the engine rpm's dropping to match pump outputs, for all the guys out there that run balls out when they don't need it. Hitachi has been doing that for years with the hoes.
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    No clue what prices will be like in Canada, but I'm sure you could easily add a few thousand to the Tak price if you add pattern selector, a bucket and freight.

    I think i saw that the new D series CAT's come standard with ECO mode, auto idle and pattern control.
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    how about the TL220 the smaller machine is tak plain on keep produce it call nearest dealer to me he said they was not carrying it anymore
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    I like the new paint scheme.
    @Bobcat Ron.....what kind of "electronics" are you referring to? I hope they are not changing the joysticks to electro-hydraulic type.
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    They need the overall height for the front window overhead storage. If they lower it you will then get a swing out door.
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    Load sensing hydraulics and all the crap for programmable hydraulic flow, I'm praying they do keep the pilots as well.
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    What I meant was they are putting a large machine on a tiny floor prep, like bringing in a mining truck to haul in a yard of topsoil.
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    The controls are still pilots and not E/H, and the control pattern is changed with a manual lever just like it most mini's. You'll have to remove a panel to change patterns. Ride control and the pattern changer are only factory installed options and add 60 days of lead time.

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