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    I'm building a new website still under construction that will help you folks.
    No other site like this. or

    It will give you a place to keep your serial numbers, photographs of your stuff.

    You need to do things ahead of time, so when you get hosed, you will a better chance to deal with it.

    You will be able to find the owners of things with just the serial number.

    You can mark it missing and the site will display your stuff on a page to be seen by members in your county.

    It has some general information about ripped off.

    There will be more.

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    I think if the guy that found his property in that man's garage had a photograph of all your stuff at that man's house and a picture of him, he would have problems explaining that to the judge. The police are so limited in what they can do themselves. But the judge has power. You would start this by going to judge and simply explain the situation to him. Show him the pictures of your crap. If he believes you he has the power to make things go your way. Messing the police was not a dead end. If he still has your stuff, then it's not too late to go talk to the judge. It's not too late anyway. You should have his name and address. The judge will need that to cut any orders on it.

    The police have very limited power to solve ****. Go see the man in the black dress for real power.


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