New thoughts after the challenges of this season.

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Hineline, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. Hineline

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    My TTTF lawns performed very well but had a fungicide app on them.

    The KBG was very fickle in the heat and low humidity early in the season.

    Two years in a row we saw rain and humidity trigger disease in late July all the way into September. Lower mowing heights and collecting clippings at this time might be beneficial.

    Shade lawns that were being watered and doing well in the drought thinned after the rain and humidity came. Light and frequent watering during droughts and not over watering might be called for next year. Might have to change all fertilizing in these area's next year. Organic at the most.

    Any lawns with creeping bent were a disaster this year. Must know this in advance and put out a disclaimer to the customer. They blamed the drought stress complex associated with cb on me. It's a weed!

    Split apps of preemerge!!!

    What are you guys thinking of for next year?
  2. agrostis

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    I just don't understand why anyone would want a bentgrass lawn. Even in ideal condition's, that just wouldn't look right.
  3. Hineline

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    These are all lawns where it invaded and took over large area's or a patchwork throughout the lawn and died or tried to. It all did well last year with all the rain but this year was the opposite. I was able to look at a few lawns with it during quoting and warned them that it was going to be a problem someday but didn't see all the new lawns.

    People don't understand what is growing in there yards and as long as it's green it's good grass. I had one customer that I visited in the quoting stage and told him that his Heinz 57 (57 varieties) patchwork of grass could be a problem at some point. Showed up for the second app in May and the bent was already toast so I told him he better water and he told me he never turns his system on until June. Show up for the third app and he tells me he is unhappy and really hammers me. The bent and poa are just bare batches.

    Had several other people come down hard on me about there junk grass so I told them they had to water everyday to keep it alive and that they needed a new lawn to avoid this in the future. They didn't want to hear it. Bent and poa died in masses this season but the bent is starting to regenerate. I won't take on bentgrass patchwork lawns in the future.
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    I ususally put these things in writing on the bill from the beginning. It tends to stick in their heads a little better than just verbally telling them. They might not do these things but I can say I told you so and they ususally can't deny it. Of course some you can't get through no matter what.
  5. RigglePLC

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    Be sure to have a brochure or fact sheet about grasses suitable (and unsuited) to your cities climate. And be sure everyone gets the sheet--especially those who need it.

    And be prepared to sell an overseed or renovation plan in the fall--especially if you have a drought during the summer months. Naturally you will convince the customer to pay a little more and get your special exclusive blend of top-quality, disease-resistant, heat-tolerant tall fescue seed.

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