New Tires or Machine?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tzpinhead, Jun 8, 2008.

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    I have a client that I have been doing for a few years. I have a Tiger cub 48". I have 2 problems on this lawn, the first the front yard is so thick that the grass comes out in clumps. I put a mulching kit on that works well, but the deck plugs up after and needs to be scrapped along with how slow you need to go with the kit.

    Second problem is the back yard. There is a hill and a lake. The hill is not reall steep, but it is large. I never really had a large issue on the tiger cub with sliding on the hill. The bank of the lake is tricky. You need to concentrate in order not to slide in.

    This week, the scag failed and I have been looking for a replacement. The dealer loaned me a gravely 260. First impresssions were very favorable. After mowing a little, I noticed, the grass starting to clump and leaving clumps.

    On the back hill, I could not stop the machine from sliding. no matter how slow i would go down the hill, I would start sliding toward a tree. I did not even attempt the lake shore.

    Talking with the dealer, he was surprised the grass clumping. Took pictures to show him. the sliding he is suggesting a gravely front mount with bar tires. he is currently looking for a demo.

    Anyone run into a yard like this.
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    new tires /w slime
  3. tzpinhead

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    The dealer brought over a gravely Rapid xz 60" with a 27 hp Kohler. He ran up and down the hill with little problem. the front yard mowed good and with regular tires he was able to get closer to the lake then the Scag ever did.

    He had me sold. We decided to get a 30 HP with the bar tires for extra grip. The machine came in but I hve been less then impressive. On the back hill I can not make it up the hill with the blades engaged (even going over already mowed lawn) without almost coming to a complete stop. The scag struggled a little, but never even came close to stopping. It also struggles when engaging the blades, It almost brings the engine and snubs it out. I am not sure if this is normal for kohler or gravely. anyone out there with experience with this machine?

    Next problem, the front yard I am noticing on a few row, that it cuts uneven. maybe 2 rows out of 10, but one very noticably lower. My fear is with the weight transfer system imployed by this mower, I will be struggling to fix the cutting problem for ever.

    The person I work with at the dealer will be back on monday, but I wanted to get other opinions before talking with him.

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    Why was the salesunit able to succeed where you couldn't ? As far as the uneven cutting, most yards have holes/divots/waves that affect the tracking. How fast were you going ? Could the direction you're traveling affect the interaction with the surface irregularities ? How about changing the height of the caster wheels ? I've always had to " tune " a new machine a bit to get it doing exactly what I want
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    How about Just get the Machine that he demoed with the 27 with the oem tires why change if that particular unit worked just fine sometimes mowers are fine just as oem specs:weightlifter:

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