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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by growitmowitlawncare, Mar 18, 2008.

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    Well I have been working for a family member in the past so I never had to do the advertising part or the business operations but now that I am out on my own and in a new area I have been doing all of this.

    I started out with a website of course, its there and its not perfect or great by any means but its there. Check it out at

    Then I went out and talked to every commercial account I could find and asked if they were taking bids for this year? Of course some said yes and some said no. I have gotten a restaurant and am waiting on a bunch more. I had bid on a private school and I didn't get it because some guy came in a lowballed big time(he won't make any profit).

    Now I am concentrating on residential customers, and I put a small ad in the newspaper in the service section that runs for 6 weeks. I went out and put a few flyers on door knobs but it was still to cold. SO I needed something else to get my name out there.

    I drove around and got some neighborhoods in mind, grabbed a few addresses and went home. I got online, reverse looked-up the residents on and then sent out a letter telling them what we offer, talking ourselves up, and telling them to call for an estimate. I threw in a flyer that I had printed that stated our specials and all of our contact info, then threw in a business card and a magnet (both very nice). I have sent out 250 of these so far and have about 100 more ready. I will hopefully get about 350 more sent out.

    With this, do you think I my outlook is for numbers? Anyone do this and have success? I need some more residentials, this is going to be my full-time job and i have everything (pesticides, licenses, and insurance) but still need more customers.
  2. growitmowitlawncare

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    No one has any clue if this will work or no one has done this? Sorry for the errors in my first post but I was typing quickly.
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    I did the same thing my first year. I sent 1000, got 5 customers.
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    I'm getting my business off the ground as well. My marketing/advertising consists of
    1) Calling everyone I know and telling them what I am doing, and 2) Putting flyers on doorknobs. Also, when I'm putting out flyers, if I see a homeowner in the yard, I'll stop and talk to them. I've picked up three yards in the last week using the flyers. Yesterday, I saw another service across the street from one of my customers. After they left, I checked out their work and it totally sucked, so I knocked on the lady's door and handed her a card. Will let you know how that works.
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    Something I'm thinking of doing is looking up new home purchases in the areas I want to work on the county assessors site, and targeting them specifically. Wether that means sending a personally written note/envelope welcome letter or actually knocking on their door I dont know yet.
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    THE NEW HOME THING IS A GOOD IDEA COLD CALL THEM!!!!!:weightlifter::weightlifter::weightlifter:
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    growit' check your PM's
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    No secrets..we're all amongst friends, here....:laugh:
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    haha. not a secret. Just saw something on his site that looked oddly familiar...

    jeez Runner... 10,264 Posts... wow.
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    Raven pm'd you back

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