New to bidding and need help pricing jobs : lawn care

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Choyle, Apr 25, 2014.

  1. JDGlandscape

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    Definitely too cheap. My minimum lawn price is 35 per cut, if i can't get that then the lawn isn't worth it to me. This industry as a whole (lawn maintenance) needs to get its head out of its ass. Prices are the same now as they were 30 years ago
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  2. Sponsor
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    Usually start at $25 just to put a truck on site for lawn and then it goes up from there. Think our average is about $29/cut currently. If they want bi-weekly, price jumps $10-$15. Definitely agree with JDG, the industry does need a pricing overhaul.
  3. AllProLC

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    I suggest raising your prices. You CANNOT bid & mow properties based solely on Sq footage you will lose $$ & your fanny will be out of business even if it's just side jobs. Need to consider variables on each job, size of lot, terrain, time to trim/edge, is there clean up to do each trip(limbs/branches/trash to be picked up?), etc..our current avg price per mowing job is $55
  4. 32vld

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    $35 minimum 1/4 or less.
    $40 1/2, $50 3/4, $60 1
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    ^^Hmm sounds like I should bump my prices a bit. We have a lot of single lots, hence the lower pricing. I think this might be the best peer pressure I have yet to experience. Thanks guys!
  6. TheLugNutZ

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    Im doing an acre for $45 (will go to $50 next year, its my wifes cousin who already said he would be willing to pay $50 but we agreed on $45 for this year) and there is a guy that does about 10 houses in the neighborhood that is only charging $35.... $35 for a DAMN ACRE WITH A TON OF TRIMMING. HOW THE HELL!?!?! I was like WHAT!?! So I was going to do his neighbor accross the street for $45 (also an acre but no fence so like half the trimming) and this guy may actually baulk at the price since MR cheepo is running around saying $35. I basically did my wifes cousing knowing I would get his neighbor but now it looks like I wont so im kind of pissed. He is about a 15 min ride from home base... The furthest I wanted to go...
  7. whiffyspark

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    15 minutes? Lol our closet is 35 minutes away. Most jobs are 45-1

    Go where the money is
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  8. TheLugNutZ

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    Prob more like 20 mins... But either way, im part time and basically only have 1 day (saturdays) or a few hours a week at night to do this work I need to be careful about taking jobs that are too big or too far away as I need to load the trailer up every time I go out to work so time is really an issue for me. I really want to stay in my neighborhood and the ones immediately surrounding mine if possible.

    If I did this full time I would def consider spreading out a little. NJ is pretty dense tho, there is a lot of neighborhoods within 10 mins of me...
  9. xandrew245x

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    I'm kinda in the same boat here, I did a pretty good job at bidding last year. I charge around $60 an acre for mowing/trimming/cleanup, $30 minimum. The first place I bid on was about 1.5 acres, I bid $75 because it is very close to me and is on the way to another one I mow, the second is about 15 minutes out of the way, 1.5 acres, not a lot of trimming, I bid $85. This was for a group home, and the guy who manages it owns about 30 other properties. I haven't heard anything back yet from the $75 bid, and I was told the $85 bid was to much a week. I honestly thought these were very fair prices.
  10. PenningsLandscaping

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    They're totally fair prices. This is why I stray away from larger lawns, it's easy to sell a 1/3 acre lot on $35 weekly. But the guy with 2 acres thinks anything over $50 is rediculous.

    That's the nature of the business though. Some sales are easy some sales aren't worth your time. Did a bid yesterday, $35, the guy is definitely going to end up with some idiot off craigslist.
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