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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Choyle, Apr 25, 2014.

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    I figured the guy who owned the group home would be okay with price since I am sure he has companies mowing his other places. I lowered it to $75 a week ONLY because I want to land this job with hopes of potentially being hired to do other properties of his (I am pretty sure he owns one a stone throws away from my house). We will see where I goes, still waiting to hear back.

    The other quote was for an older lady, her grass really hasn't even grown yet so I think she is just waiting until its ready to let me know. She said she would call either way to tell me.
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    Some jobs if you want to keep them you must bid lower to secure it, one of our commercial clients re-opened their bids we dropped $60 off our original bid to ensure we kept it. We have had that place for almost a decade.
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    Last fall a man called me for a quote. He complained about the poor trimming, poor edging with the 1" wide dirt gap between the grass and the pavement, side walk, curb. 1/4 acre gave him a $35 price.

    He then went on and on how he lived in a $30 neighborhood. I pointed out that he did not live in a $30 area but where people only wanted to spend $30. Yet expected $35 service.

    I further explained how there are service providers that want to make their $210 a day. So 6 lawns at $35 = $210. They are willing to do 7 lawns at $30 a day so they still get their $210 for the day.

    Now to do 7 lawns in a day they have to get done quicker. The only way to get more lawns done is to cut corners and not be careful. All they see is they are making their $210 and have no problem providing substandard service.

    That leaves you the customer to decide whether you want cheap service or pay for the level of service that you want. I would lose money to provide the level of service at the price that you want to pay. No one can run a business that way. To top it off the guy wanted to come on board for a Thursday or Friday mow that only paid $35.

    More money is made selling service then selling price.
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    We will see what happens, I am not going any lower than that, that is more than a fair price.

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