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    A little background info: 22 yrs old and im currently in college at Texas State University, have used lawn mowing as a way to make money in the summer for the past 6 years. have a very entreprenurial spirit, and felt like the lawn care business was something i could be successful in.
    My equipment:
    14 ft. trailer with gate
    ls 1500z ferris ztr 52" deck 25 hp kaw
    2 echo weed eaters
    1 power pruner
    2 21" push mowers
    Stihl chainsaw
    echo blower
    pressure washer
    Rakes, shears, shovels, etc.....

    I plan on offering mowing, edging, hedge trimming, small tree and limp removal, weeding, pressure washing, and fall clean up services.

    plan to start with residential and as word of mouth spreads try and get into a few commercial jobs

    the name of my business is Lone Star Lawn Services "keeping texas beautiful one lawn at a time"

    My questions are in regards to equipment choices, advertising and sales, contracts, estimating, and insurance

    My current plan is to distripute flyers, place signs on my trailer, and put signs at intersections but would like suggestions. I feel like i have a decent idea of how to estimate a job (such as is it push or ride mowing, sq ft, est. time, and amount of weed eating) but could use suggestions.

    i am however quit clueless when it comes to contracts, such as what should generally be stated in the contract and so forth. Also have looked into liability insurance( i feel like i need it to cover my ass in case I break a window or worse) but want to know how much is necessary. If there is anything i have missed please let me know...any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated...thank you

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