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Discussion in 'Questions, Rules, Suggestions' started by LGWoods, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. LGWoods

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    Hi all~

    I'm pleased to announce our one week in business!!! payup We had a great week doing a lot of "clean-up" work for customers. All of them were very pleased with our work. I have to thank Lawn Site and their members for their advice and resources. :waving:

    THANK YOU!!!!
  2. 2006Silverado

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    from GA
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    That's AWESOME BUDDY! Congratulations. This week has kinda been my first week, this coming Monday will be my official first week. Hopefully I can report back the same as you.

    Let me ask you, how did you get the work? Word of mouth already lined up? People you knew? Or did advertising actually get you work that quickly?
  3. LGWoods

    LGWoods LawnSite Member
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    I Mostly got started by word of mouth. I've only placed a few flyers in my local area. We've been pretty busy. Now I'm going to do a little advertising to pick up more business. Some of the big companies around are so busy, they are turning away business. You should go and drop them a card or flyer.(helps to take some before and after pics to them. they sometimes give out recommendations that way. I just hooked up with a huge 3 or 4 state lawn care (pesticides) company that is no longer doing business in our area because they got so busy, they had to drop a few areas and focus on their existing ones. But they still get calls. We’ll be getting those recommendations I hope.
  4. americanlawn

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    Ditto! Congrats LGWoods!!! You may want to contact your yellow page salesman so you can get in the next issue (this lends credibility). It doesn't have to be much -- just be in there. Another inexpensive method of growing your business is to stop by commercial properties and ask if they will take a bid. Also consider giving a 5 or 10 dollar "credit" to your exisinting customers who "Refer a Friend". It's not the amount of money that people like -- it's the thought that they are giving their friends a "trusted source" for their needs. Good luck dude. Most of us on this site truly enjoy helping others, so please use this site often. It's the largest Green Industry site. Your friend, americanlawn.
  5. LGWoods

    LGWoods LawnSite Member
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    thanks Americanlawn,
    I will use those suggestions. I'm sure i'll have lots more questions down the line!
  6. IXR

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    Congrats on the newbies! I have been in the sprinkler bus. for 3 years and just starting to mow. I am glad to hear people just starting doing well. The help here is super! I am in Kansas and the sprinkler bus. is CUT THROAT! I found out fast when asking questions. There is lots of help on here and that is really cool. Best of luck to all!
    American Sprinkler, Wichita, ks.
  7. LGWoods

    LGWoods LawnSite Member
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    Thanks IXR, Good luck on your mow business. let me ask you, how did you get started with sprinklers? That is something I've been toying over.
  8. IXR

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    I was working full time as a maintenance man for a large company when I was asked if I would help a guy out from time to time with his sprinkler bus.
    I said I no nothing about them and really wasn't interested.
    I was told the man was very sick (cancer) and really needed help as he couldn't keep up being so sick.
    I went on the 1st repair job and loved it! The 3 things I love is fixing things, meeting new people, and playing outside... it has all 3.
    It wasn't long the man passed away and the family said if I wanted the busines, I couls have it.
    I crammed for the block exam, got my licence and insurance and here we are!
    I started with about 40 regular customers and 3 years later I have 174.
    I love the sprinkler business. :weightlifter:

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