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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by In Decline, Dec 21, 2012.

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    I am looking for advice on my toro 20093 super recycler mower. I bought the mower new in July 2008 (> 4 years old). The last mow of the season I usually cut the grass a little lower than usual. After lowering the deck a couple of notches, my son hit the mower blade on the lid of the water meter pit in the front yard while mowing. Mower vibrated badly with the blade disengaged. Sure enough, crankshaft is bent.
    My understanding is that this engine is a Briggs Quantum - model 126T02-0225-b1. I am considering ordering a crank and a sump gasket and repairing this engine ( I will tear it down first, and make a list of what is needed).
    I was wondering what the useful life of this model of engine is. I use the mower roughly and hour and a half for once a week. The mowing season here involves me mowing approx 5 months. So I figure I put a maximum of 30 hours on this machine a year. I use straight 30 weight detergent oil when I change the oil annually. It is run out of fuel after each season as well.
    With approximately 110-120 hours on this machine, is a new crankshaft worth all of the time spent installing this part? I would do all the work myself, that is the only cost effective repair on a machine in this price range. The machine looks and worked like new. I was just curious how much life is left in the Quantum design motor after putting a lot of my time and approx $90.00 worth of parts into it. (I have no idea if the blade over ride system has damage or not. I did not inspect it prior to the damage the unit sustained. The blade is definitely bent and need replaced.)
    Money is not the issue. I have had my eye on a new Toro SR4 unit. However it has a Chinese engine on it. I like the features of the Loncin Chinese engine (ie ball bearing crank), however I prefer the American brand of a Briggs motor. I just have a hard time buying into the "throw it away and buy a new one mentality."
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    I have nearly the same mower, but with bbc. Have owned 4 super recyclers the oldest of which is 12+ years by now (gave it to one of my kids). It blows a little smoke but otherwise still runs fine. If the repair is cost effective I would say go for it although it might be wise to check on the price of a replacement engine. Good luck!!

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