New to compost tea...ICT, I'm looking for you here.

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by jimbowimbo, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. jimbowimbo

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    I have many more questions where these come from but lets start here...

    I know this is another newbish question but I'm looking to be enlightened here about compost tea.

    I've read that it takes years of dedication to bring a lawn to be biologically balanced. How come I keep reading that compost tea can just make it "organic" right away.

    So far this year I have applied corn gluten (Concern Weed Preventer). How does this path (using pelletized organic fertilizers) differ from using compost tea?

    I'm asking because it seems a little too good to be true when ICT's website says that the list price of his program is 67 cents per 1000 square foot (this is just one example I have found).
  2. Elden

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    the price listed is a price simply per application per 1000 sq ft. I don't think I have ever heard anyone say one or two applications of compost tea will make it organic right away. If the lawn has had syn. fert. for a long time it will take a little longer to see the benefits as compared to a lawn that has been treated organically from the get go. Applying CGM or other organic ferts. are food for microbes to feed on. Compost tea is actually applying the microbes to the soil to use the organic fert imputs.
  3. Tim Wilson

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    Compost tea is different from ICT. ICT is a set of dormant microbes in a bottle which come to life in the soil. Compost tea can be thousands of species of living microbes by the billions which you brew yourself.


    PS. Search the archives for information. Look at the threads about compost tea and biology survives pump impellers. You should research this.
  4. ICT Bill

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    Tim is a trusted adviser in this arena, he knows his stuff

    Compost Tea application can be many per year at first and widdle down to 2 or 3 per year once the soil has its 2 basic building blocks, soil organic matter and beneficial microorganisms, It's really that simple.

    Much like lawn pro's have 6 to 8 (sometimes 10) applications per year, compost teas can too in the beginning.

    Our instant compost tea is no magic bullet but it is a piece of a soil fertility program. Can it stand on its own for season's? Yep! but not if the other parts are not being taken care of.

    We are trying to give a tool to an industry that has been so overwhelmed by bureaucracy and regulation, that is simple to administer and can lead a company to the wonderful world of worm poop, I'm making fun but serious at the same time.

    If we can move to more sustainable practices and have a great lawn and make money at the same time to support our families, I say, COME ON!

    Less inputs and the same result, think about it
  5. jimbowimbo

    jimbowimbo LawnSite Member
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    Bill this is a question about your product in particular... Let's say I purchase some ICT Organics products, How exactly do I apply this to the lawn? I see the bottles have two nozzles on top. Is this for spraying through a sprinkler system possibly?

    ...And the "de-chlor" what is this, how does it work, and how is it used?

    Sorry if this question frustrates anybody but I don't see any answers on the site.
  6. TMGL&L

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    Paul Tukey has a video on his site about compost tea. He makes his own with a bucket of water, compost in a burlap sack, and a pump to keep it all aerobic. Then he sprayed it on the lawn with a regular sprinkler. click how to videos
  7. ICT Bill

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    The product is made for folks that have spray rigs or backpack sprayers.

    Most folks that are trying to do compost teas are overwhelmed by the logistics, buy a brewer, find good compost, brew up a batch (24 to 36 hours), transfer it to the truck and go apply. What if you made too much or not enough and so on.

    I am not slighting the process or the people that do it well, it is the learning curve that keeps most from transitioning to organic lawn care. We are trying to make it simple and easy to use (PSSSTT... and then bring you over to the dark green side of worm poo and such, ask Barefoot James)

    The product is made to enable the applicator to do business as usual, take a bottle off the shelf and go apply, make up as much as you want. I am pleased that you think the product is economical

    Chlorine in municipal water systems is there to destroy any bacteria in the water system, it would do the same to our biology, it knocks down the active bacteria by 50% so we add a dechlorinator to get rid of the chlorine before the biology is added
  8. jimbowimbo

    jimbowimbo LawnSite Member
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    So what happens here do I mix all three bottles together in a tank sprayer and go gung ho three to ten times a year or what?

    How come I can't use a hose like Paul Tukey on his site?

    I want to use some tea on my properties as soon as I can. I don't really have the green or the storage for a big rig sprayer. I also don't want to walk around for hours with my backpack sprayer.
  9. ICT Bill

    ICT Bill LawnSite Platinum Member
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    My buddy Mr. Tukey has a well and is in one of the prettiest places in Maine, not in the suburbs just north of Washington DC like I am. The water is always cold from his tap though and obviously not chlorinated.

    Yep it's pretty simple thats why they are marked 1 and then 2 and then 3. Fill a tank and add number 1, add number 2 and then number 3, questions?

    Jimbo, you have to decide your own plan, what works for you, works for you

    We only sell to lawn and landscape professionals and distribution, you have to register on our site and be accepted, in order to purchase our product. not snobbish, our label says "for professional use only" so we are restricted by state regulation

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    buying a good tank sprayer setup would be worth it if you plan on doing this for years to come as they will last forever with some care.

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