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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by spymaxx, Apr 29, 2006.

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    I just picked up a 2004 LZ23KC604 that has 58 hours on it. Home owner owned and used. I did not get the owner manuals that came with the unit. But I did download the operator and parts manuals from the Ex-mark website. I did not see the Kohler engine manual anywhere. Is it available? From reading on this site (Very good reading I might add) oil changes need to happen around 50 hours. With this unit being two years old, is it to soon to start on synthetic oil? Also, should I go ahead and change the hydro oil and filter? Also, the steering response seems to be just a little jerky. Is this do to the low hours/use or is it just not broken in yet? It just does not seem as smooth as some others I have tried out. Lastly, with the SN# 486484, is it possible to trace back to what dealership sold this unit. There are several in this area.

    I am extremely pleased this this mower. Its greatest!
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    Hello sympaxx,
    To get the Kohler engine manual, which is more of an operators manual and not a parts manual, contact Amy at 402-223-6282.
    I'd go ahead and start on the synthetic oil, it takes 50 hours to seat the rings.
    I'd also change the hydro oil and filter, just to know what you got.
    If the jerkiness in the steering continues call our service Dept at 402-223-6375.
    I looked up your machine and it was sold by Triad Lawn and Garden 336-812-9087 in High Point, NC
  3. spymaxx

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    Well, unfortunately, after contacting Triad, I was informed that this unit was reported stolen two years ago. I wish I someone could have informed me sooner!
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    Now Brian.. how did you miss that that unit was a stolen unit? Looks like it was stolen Sept. 11 of 2004... hmm...

    Probably the reason you didn't get the manuals with it too. I wouldn't worry much about you getting in trouble though. It was likely the person before you that got a "too good to be true" deal and just looked the other way.

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