New to firtilizing need HELP!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Groundcover Solutions, Jan 29, 2001.

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    I need some help with fertilizing. I have done some searches and found some good information on brands and think I am going to go with Lesco because of the price and the availability I would like to know if there is a Lesco place around me I live in wayne county MI. I would also like to know what you charge for an average lawn. I would like to know what kind of spreaders you use also. If you could help me with some of this information it would be great. If you have any other suggestions or comments fell free to shear good or bad I like them all.
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    You might try to call LESCO at 1-800-321-5325 to find one near you. You will really like the fert and control products that they sell "great stuff". They have many different products to offer you and the knowledge to go along with the product. You might be able to find a CHEAPER product but you often lose the assistance when you need it. We have been using lesco rotary spreaders for what seems like ever. They will match up the settings for the product that you purchase. This makes life real easy. Price really depends on your specfic market, have some companies come out to you house or a friends and give you an estimate. You can start from there and see if you can build a service that will make you money from there.
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    Thanks for the information i will probably do every thing that you said. That is the best info Yet!!LOL
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    Flint has a Lesco on Dort Hwy. and i think theres one in Lansing too. They also have a truck that goes around
    to golf courses.
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    Remember, you are now entering the business of a science. Read up on soil chemistry and always keep in mind " you feed the soil, not the grass". The first prequisite to any *PROPER* program, is correcting the soil chemistry. Fertilizer should not be bought solely based on price, But rather,IN CONTENT. There's an old anology we use, If I give your lawn a dollar with no lime, it will spend about 20-25 cents. If I give your lawn a dollar AND some lime, It WILL spend 80-90 cents. Why? Because the soil is in the correct range for optimum nutrient availibility. There is so much to learn and everyday there's more, it's a blast. Good luck, I'm here if you think I can help.

    G. William Lamar
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    Check with your local feed mill or co-op i deal with a grower service (they deal with farmers for the most part) but handle (or can get any product i want) some places will even custom mix a fert to your specs.I agree to that you should check content. both may say 20% nitro but one may be fast release and one may be slow. sometimes you pay extra for that name on the bag
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    Thanks for all of the information it has been a great help Keep it comeing!!!
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    First thing you want to do Hometown is find out from the state what requirements they have as far as getting yourself licensed to apply these products. I know every state is different but you better find this out first. In Wisconsin here, the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection handles the licensing. Their phone number is in the Government section of the phone book. I would imagine your state may be similair. Start asking questions and eventually you will get the right answers. There is a boat load of stuff you will need to learn before even getting to the fertilizing of a lawn as far as legalities go. And there is a boat load of stuff to learn to put the right products down for the right soil and needs of the lawn. otherwise you will be wasting your time, and the customers time and money. Here's a cuople sites to start reading up on fertilizing and what lawns require and so forth. Good luck and study up, the more you know, the better off you will be.

    Good luck and I hope it helps you


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