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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by ChestnutOaks, Nov 4, 2005.

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    OK, figured Id ask the pro's for some help. I do mostly landscaping and maint., but want to learn more about hardscaping for future stuff. Nothing major now, but would like to get more and more towards it down the road. Anyways, going to start off at my own house, and try somewhat of a "driveway" of pavers. From our house, out to our field where we keep all of our equip. and trucks, we have worn down the grass and now its just dirt. I'll try and get a pic up tomorrow in the daylight so you guys can get a better feel for it, but there is good grass on the right side, and the pool straight ahead, so this dirt area sort of splits the 2 nice looking areas with something, well, not so nice. Anyways, Im really just looking for info. from the basic step 1 on to finish. I need to know how far to excavate down, what to fill with under the pavers, etc. Everything from step 1, including how the pavers lay together around the edges, as far as if theres a curve, are the certain pavers that come pre-cut to fit such, or do you use some sort of tool to cut it how you need it. I can probably tell you most anything you need to know about maint. or landscaping, but as a beginner, Im coming to you guys for some answers! TIA

    Brian with Chestnut Oaks

    Also, I have a bobcat with backhoe and everything needed for excavation, just need to know exactly how I need to go about it! Thanks
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    Check out this website, it is a website from England and Ireland but it has the best info for free. Not everything is applicable but most of it is, mostly it looks like they do their edging a little differently. It will take you from the basics and has specific info just on driveways. I just started doing the pavers and I thought it helped me out quite a bit. If anyone knows a good book that addresses the more technical aspect of pavers, let me know and I will pick it up. Let me know what you think about it. Good luck!

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    Nice site. I enjoy the fruits of all your guys' labor. Some incerdible designs and techniques.:)
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    I appreciate the site Waltero! Good information on there. Anyone else? Specifically I think on the edges, Im still a bit confused on if you need to lay the edges first and cut them all to fit, THEN fill in the middle, or the other way around? Thanks

  5. Just with a quick glance over the site and I think it will be very helpful info. I'm definately bookmarking this one.
  6. Try a search on Amazon. I've found alot of contracting books on that site.
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    Picked up a pallet of pavers today to get started. Start excavating and prepping everything tomorrow, maybe get some pavers layed, but that might be wed. - got Belgard Ardennes Grey - $443.00 - Didnt know pavers were that high, oh well. Cant wait to get to work. They also sell Snap Edge edging which I'll use, and just rent a compactor and saw.

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