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    I bought a 18/52 Fastrak Saturday. I had been looking at a Dixon Ram Mag with a 50" deck. Then I demoed the Fastrak and was sold (plus the Dixon was more $). I traded in 2 mowers. A 48" Snapper joysick and a 42" model. Hard to fing a dealer willing to do that. I hope I will be happy with the 18hp Honda. The dealer just stocks the 18hp. All the specs are the same but I think the carb is different. My wife took it from me Sunday and started mowing. We will cut 3- 3.5 acres between my mom's yard and mine. Warranty is great. Dealer is a little further than I wished, but lives 10miles away and said if I get it to his house he will take care of the rest. He really wanted to sell a mower. My wife did well with it. She even mowed a ditch bank. I know I am rambling, but I am excited. And I guess it doesn't matter about the 18hp Honda... it's mine now!
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    I would be excited too!!
    Welcome to the family!!


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