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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by adam's landscaping, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. adam's landscaping

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    I was wondering if anyone had ever built their own machine? I have talked to a few people who said that they have done it and that it worked out great.

    right now im building one:

    525 gallon tank
    6.5hp trash/water pump 3" pump with a 3" suction hose. the pump feeds 2 2" jets and one 1.5" discharge hose reduced down to a 3/4 nozzle

    Does everything sound like it will work out okay?

    also i just got two estimates the other day
    15000 sq ft @ .09 cents = i got that job
    1 acre = haven't bid on it yet, I was hoping someone could give me some advice?

    I thought about .08 cents per sq ft and i would not include fertilize in the mix but would come back later and fert.
  2. adam's landscaping

    adam's landscaping LawnSite Member
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    Okay, so it's been a week or so... I did the first job 15000 sq ft I used lesco 70/30 mix because that was all that was available...

    The two jets didnt work out so well so i added another two and beefed up the engine to an 8 horse power honda trash water pump, I put valves on all of the jets and I used Jet spray on the second job...NEEDLESS TO SAY THE SECOND JOB CAME OUT MUCH BETTER THAN THE FIRST AND I HAD TO RESPRAY THE FIRST.

    But everything is good now... I think!!

    I also had a chance to talk to the only other guy around here who is in the hydroseeding business and he told me that i need to be charging at least .20 cents per sq ft????? But then he tells me that on acreages he gets around 2600.00 per acre. I dont know, i think that i will do my next estimate at around 15 cents and i'll see how that estimate goes
  3. muddstopper

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    Adam, I think you will have a hard row to plow with your setup. A 3inch trash pump on a 500gal size jet machine is just going to be barely adequate and that trash pump probably aint going to last long. How much of the jet spray where you able to mix and spray. I already know how the 70/30 went, if the machine sprayed it, you didnt have enough in the mix to start with. You might want to consider changeing nozzles sizes to the one inch instead of 3/4. putting valves on all the jets is a good ideal, it will help you with your spraying pressure once everything is mixed.

    I aint going to say the guy lied about his seeding prices, but $2600/43560=$0.059 per sqft.
  4. BuzMoland

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    I have a question about hydroseeding, i just bough a older hydroseeder and i'm having problems with getting them to come in. It's a 300 gallon tank i think i'm using the right amout of materials. I need the homeowners to water them and there not. what should i put in my contracts to about this that would be fair so i don't have to keep going back and losing profit.
  5. adam's landscaping

    adam's landscaping LawnSite Member
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    thanks muddstopper, yeah, the 70/30 mix was pretty much a waste of time but after i went back with the jetspray and the 8hp pump it worked very well I got good coverage and even the rain didnt wash it away, it's already about an inch and a half tall.

    and yeah, his prices made me kinda wary about his advice do you think that i should raise my prices any? right now im around 10-12 cents depending on how much work i have and want.
  6. adam's landscaping

    adam's landscaping LawnSite Member
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    I talked to someone who had been in the business for 6 years and he said that you cannon count on the homeowners to water so he dosent give any type of warranty.

    I give each customer a care guide when i get the contract signed and i dont include any warranty... I only guarantee that it's good seed put down properly and the rest is up to them. I DO offer to come back and water their yard at a rate of $65.00 a day as long as it not acreage... but you'll find that is more of a bother than a money maker.
  7. adam's landscaping

    adam's landscaping LawnSite Member
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    oh, on the jet spray i only tried to mix 4 bags per 500 gallons and it seemed to work very well... I do alternate my jets though, i'll mix the top two for a few minutes and then i'll switch to the bottom two and vise versa until i think it's good... and when i spray i have one top and one bottom jet going until the tank level drops when i change to the bottom.

    it seems like alot of trouble but it's really not, and if everything goes well enough i will probably invest in another mechanically aggitated machine sometime in the future

    thanks again, muddstopper

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