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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by hickslawns, May 16, 2007.

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    I am new to industrial vegetation but have done my homework. Now for some questions I am still uncertain about. For example, I do not want to deal with the leaching possibilities of diuron, sahara. I do need a good residual kill. The local supplier said I could use gallery for residual with roundup for an initial kill. At $132 per pound per acre, plus Roundup costs, this is quite pricey. Any experience with gallery? Any suggestions for residual effect without the leaching? I need to spray over 3 miles of fencerow, plus nearly a mile of gravel drives and some parking areas. My understanding is for total kill with residual effect you need organic matter to hold the chemical. Gravel roads/parking lots are not going to allow this. Suggestions?
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    DeAngelo Brothers Have a multi-million dollar business in Vegetation Management. There is a Market locally, DBI only deals with the big corporation.

    Gallery is more of a specialty pre emerge and is very over priced for your needs. Adding in other pre emege with your Glyphosate will be a lot more cost effective and offer the same residual. There are many off brand Pre emerge products that might be more cost effective. Check with your local chemical suppliers. I buy from a local manufacture and get a great cost saving with their products. Adding in 2,4-D will also help with heavy brush and vines.
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    Another great product for fencerows and gravel drives is Crossbow--Check the label if it meets your needs. 1 gallon ($60) will mix about 100 gal. @1%. 2-4D is about 34%. A good kill-all.
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    Thanks guys. RAlmaroad I was looking into the crossbow. Thanks for reinforcing one of my thought processes on how to address this one. Phil
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    I would look at buying straight glyphosphate instead of round up for one. although I use it, I would'nt on that scale due to price.
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    i'd get them to sign a 3 year contract, use round up or like mentioned, glyphosate and sell them 2-3 treatments per season, forget gallary (thats more for ornamentals, eventhough it is a great product). that is how i handle my big sprays. i've used pramitol and hyvar, both good, hyvar is better, imo. but the rates that you need and the cost gets pretty $$$, also they both have leaching problems and need waterd in to be activated.
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    80 gallons per acre, mix in some 2,4-d and snapshot pre-em. Great stuff, we just did this on a 12 acre gravel yard it works great.
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    yes, i sometimes spike it with low vol 3, it does help speed up the process. never tried using snapshot, that would cost a few $$$. i'd just use the gallary and pendulum 3.3ec in that case.

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