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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by greenproadam, Jul 28, 2009.

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    My name is Adam and I run a business called GreenPro Landscaping Company. I am based out of Lansing, Michigan and am going to college right now for my Horticulture degree. I really hope to go full-time next summer with my business. Has anyone had any luck with newspaper advertisements? I have tried craigslist and had nothing but bad luck. I go out and give estimates to people and they end up giving the job to like the kid in the neighborhood that is really cheap. I even think about doing contracts next year. Have you guys had any luck with contracts with residential accounts? I am just sick of people saying that they will 'call me' when they need cutting, because 'we haven't had much rain.' Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Thank you for your input
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    i will be back to talk to you when i can pm you
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    try diversifying, hard scape, general install, irrigation maybe outdoor lighting and water features. I haven't paid for advertising since the early 90's my experience is that word of mouth far out performs paid advertising by far. keep mowing but expand in other areas. Nobody wants to pay to cut a lawn that doesen't grow. Their are some serious changes coming to the USA and they are on the horizon. be light on your feet and be able to move quickly in the direction you need to go in. I have been in this industry since 1979 and I am predicting a massive decline. I stopped useing lawn maintenance contracts a long time ago.
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    Hey Adam,
    I say good news because you have everything or should I say the important things going for you. First, your educated. To have a degree in horticulture, you have a leg up over so many others in this business. It is so refreshing for a customer to talk with someone who really understands the science behind what they do. The discriminating buyer will appreciate your education - I promise you that. Second, your youth. I'll tell you like I've told all three of my boys. When I was your age and was going out knocking on doors, shaking hands with people and "asking them for their business", they wanted to help me. They loved the fact that I was a young clean-cut kid out there trying to make something of myself. With all of our cultural changes in the past 20 years, that hasn't changed. If you're clean-cut, presentable and in your case college educated in your field, I give you my word, people will bend over backwards to give you an opportunity. Forget advertising. Get some great business cards printed and get out there face-to-face with as many people as possible and "ask for the work". One of the biggest mistakes people make is they advertise, they talk to people, they say how great they are, but they never really ask for the work. Your going to do great and congrats on the degree. You paid your price...don't compromise. Command your rates and then "exceed their's a formula for success!
    If you need any help or guidence, don't hesitate to ask. DM me with questions.

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    great words g21.........

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