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    Hello, my name is John Wright, owner of Summit Lawn Mower Company. We manufacture track driven remote control mowers ideal for steep hills, elderly & disabled, or the guy who has everything and wants something else. If you have ever heard of someone flipping a riding lawn mower down a hill, you can see where these mowers are practical.
    I first got the idea of a remote control lawn mower after seeing the movie, "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids" back in the '80s and didn't attempt my first build until 1996 with a Barbie Jeep, remote control car and a lawn mower. The thing never mowed the first stitch of grass. After the housing bubble collapsed in 2007, I got back to work on the concept. This time around, Battle Bots and Google were alive and really made this all possible. The Battle Bot guys have designed electronics to be virtually indestructible and Google made it possible to find and procure parts, and eventually led me here to LawnSite.
    Thank you everyone for checking us out!

    To see lots of videos of our mowers in action, visit us on YouTube at

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