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New to leaf removal

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Leave No Trace, Nov 20, 2018.

  1. Leave No Trace

    Leave No Trace LawnSite Member
    Messages: 5

    Hey all.

    Am making ends meet after a downturn in family business.

    Blowing leaves - unlimited need in my midwestern city.
    WIll be adding snow blow of driveways.

    Landscaping businesses with either management tiers or solo-guys with established clientele charging outrageous rates for this very basic service - generally $42.50 to $50/ hour.

    Although competition is a good thing, I'm actually just targeting underserved neighbors - tons of leaves, not getting services, they love the help. I'm cheaper at a price that's reasonable for them though they honestly have never called around to get any pricing. They're just busy people who are glad I show up on their doorstep.

    Will see how it goes.
  2. TomH&H

    TomH&H LawnSite Member
    Male, from Coopersburg, PA
    Messages: 216

    I don't know your area, but $42.50 - $50 per hour is not outrageous around here. Once you factor in insurance, taxes, fuel, equipment maintenance, etc for the solo guy, or employee payroll, workers comp, healthcare costs for the larger company, it's not exactly get rich quick money.
  3. Mow-Daddy.com

    Mow-Daddy.com LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,473

    Welcome to lawnsite.

    No those prices are not outrageous.
    Don't sell yourself short. It's hard work, equipment isn't cheap. I'm charging $60- $75 per hr on leaf cleanups.
    You've got to consider the amount of work we do per man hr. Would take the average homeowner half a day or more.
    Example: Howie homeowner has raked his leaves for yrs. It takes him all day Sat & half of Sun.
    But he calls us and asks how much it would cost for us to do it ?
    I quote him $225.
    In his mind he's thinking $225 for 12 hrs work is a fair price. So he says OK.
    Now we come in with 3 guys with backpack blowers, truckvac and leaf plow. We're in and out in about 1 hr.
    Or 3 ish man hrs. So charging $75 per hr is perfectly fair. It saved him 12 hrs of raking. And his yard is spotless.
  4. ArTurf

    ArTurf LawnSite Fanatic
    Male, from Ark
    Messages: 5,871

    Have/are you doing other lawn services currently?
  5. oqueoque

    oqueoque LawnSite Platinum Member
    Male, from Jersey
    Messages: 4,495

    This is how I look at it also. I do a lot of construction on some property I own, but I'll pay thousands for someone else to do the roofs. I'm around $75 an hour on leaves.
  6. Charles

    Charles Moderator Staff Member
    Messages: 11,173

    You obviously haven't read this forum any or enough. You are like many newbies who show up in my area every year. They go out of business in a few years. Equipment broke down. No money to replace and/or repair. No way to get through the winters. You're running a business. Not working at Wal Mart. No wonder the customers are happy to see you. You under cutting your competition. You would be surprised what you have to charge(and how much work you have to do) in the Lawn care business to get your NET income out of the area Poverty level. You're going to have to work year around so it is good you have the snow blowing. Having low over head still won't get you out of the Poverty level. Welcome to the forum! Hopefully you are here to learn. That is what this place is for. You got to invest some time into reading the material. Lots of experience here
  7. Mdirrigation

    Mdirrigation LawnSite Platinum Member
    Messages: 4,327

    And the race to the bottom begins
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  8. dieselss

    dieselss LawnSite Silver Member
    from NWI....
    Messages: 2,378

    What are your prices?
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  9. Jasburrito

    Jasburrito LawnSite Member
    Messages: 81

    I just ran my first add on craigys yesterday. I am charging 60 the first hr and 40 an hr after the 1st. No calls yet. I will raise my rates once i get more experience. Good luck.
  10. dieselss

    dieselss LawnSite Silver Member
    from NWI....
    Messages: 2,378

    So more experience equals higher prices?
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