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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by xtreem3d, Mar 25, 2009.

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    evening guys,
    i own a commercial property maint co , we do lawn /landscape but no lighting. that's about to change because i am going to re-do my whole house, walls , patio, porch, steps, drive ect but i don't really know much about how to go about lighting it so i have some questions now and probably alot as i go. I AM NOT USING THIS THREAD AS A MEANS OF GETTING INTO THE LIGHTING BUSINESS. i just want my home to turn out nice.
    1. if you guys had to put an price on the materials for the average job ( the most common requests from customers, i know someone will say there is no average) how much could i expect to spend on quality stuff?
    2, on established houses like ones in the "blow your mind" thread , to get light at gable ends , along top of gutters, ect what happens to all the wire that has to be run, i assume it's hidden? (that must be alot of wire!!)
    3. for lighting block steps, maybe paver patio or along perimeter of a drive are there "fake" blocks that light up? on block steps are you drilling holes through the blocks?
    4. on new construction do you try and run wire underneath all the steps, walls or install after work is done in case there would ever be a failure in the wire?
    5.can you give me a brief description of how the process goes from start to finsh, like what you need to do first or in a specific order?
    6.can you offer some websites to see the various products?
    thanks for now,
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    Your questions are kinda generic and too vauge to be answered properly. Each and every job is so different its hard to give you ballpark figures or tell you what to do first. We often prewire lighting runs with irrigation system installations and also make sure there are adequate conduits under all hard scapes and sometimes even long runs across lawns etc.

    If you really want this to turn out great I would Team up with an established lighting company or designer. There is way more to it than can be taught in a single post or thread.

    I would start out by reading all the threads for about the last 10 pages here. You should find most of the info your looking for. Somethings are just better left hired out. Lighting is one of them :)
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    You will probably get many simiar responses to this because it is good advice from a professional to a pro. when doing any new thing, it is hard for it to turn out great the first time. There are too many things you have to get lucky at for that to happen.

    I agree with reading the last 10 pages of threads here. Wire is usually buried, and going under things such as driveways, sidewalks, etc, has been discussed sometime last year, taking about various boring devices for doing such things.

    I'm too far away or I would come in and offer to help, but maybe someone here is close to St. Louis that could point you in the right directions for a fee. It would be a shame for you to spend a few grand plus on materials ( and that is really possible of this is a mediumish project) and then have issues with voltage, bulbs, and placement and aiming.

    The best I could compare it to is to spend a ton of money on top of the line pipe, fixtures, hot water heater, sinks, etc, and then install all your plumbing in your house yourself based on what you have read.. It could turn out ok, but you probably will have leaks and crummy water pressure.

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