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Last year late in the year I sprayed very high grade urea, 46-0-0 in the apple orchard to aid in decomposing leaves. (Apple leaves hang on and often don't fall till well into December. Any scab can over winter on leaves and be a problem in the Spring.) The rate is high, 10#s dissolved in 50 gallons of water in an air blast sprayer. I pre mixed it in hot water slurry and it easily dissolved.


Since then and within minutes of starting the electric valves on the air blast sprayer starting failing to close or not closing all the way. As always fresh water was run through the unit to flush but this Spring problems persist even after using normal tank cleaner.


The guys at Nutrien Ag suggested All Clear,

I ran cleaned the sprayer again today and it seemed to work?

Getting to the point:

I just finished spraying yards Wed. and my old sprayer is grungy and has been used for many years and had mucho residue. I ran the All Clear through it and man it really does clean, takes all the new and some of the old kind of like 100 grit toilet paper.

After reading the label, I donned gloves and goggles handling this. I measured it out in a measuring cup that had been used all week for T-zone and Li-700 and it had a syrupy residue in spite of triple rinsing. After emptying and rinsing back into the tank, it was as clean as a whistle. Also is labeled not only cleaning but decontaminating sprayers.

Anybody heard of this stuff?

Here are pics of my small air blast orchard sprayer: This is water in the pics for demo purposes


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I've used this for years. Have no clue how it compares was just told when I first started to run it through between rounds. I don't buy it from the linked place.



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The product I mentioned is totally different in formulation it is 100% " 2-aminoethanol "and is a liquid.

In the past I have always used a dry tank cleaner similar to what you listed but doesn't seem near as effective. The active ingredients in that one are totally different?

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