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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Dirtman2007, Nov 26, 2010.

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    I find the blade very handy doing a lot of wetlands work here in CT. All the machines that I have run in wetlands have had a blade with long stick. We cannot haul the machines on a tag trailer because of our bucket choice (will not fit between the tracks when curled). if you are doing a lot of clean up work we use the sloping buckets and scoop off of the front blade. Works very nicely.
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    Wow those are some really low bridges! Way too low.
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  3. Dirtman2007

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    Well we kinda changed or minds again. Looks like were looking at 140's again now. Gonna get the daewoo put back together and keep it for a while to use on some of the bigger jobs we have this year lined up.

    So here's what I'm gonna demo. Its a 2006 Volvo EC140BL with 1550 hrs, hydro thumb.
    The machine is in TN but volvo said they'd haul it to us for free to see if we liked it. Can't beat that, signing a few papers saying we'll buy it if we like it. if not it does not cost us a dime.

    If everything goes as planned I should be swinging dirt with it early next week.

    Just to think we'll have 5 excavators then :laugh:



  4. hvy 1ton

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    It's got a war wound on the left side of the carbody, but it's definitely the best candidate so far. What's with the red-oxide primer on the final drive covers, they get rebuilt? A little work and a couple rattle cans would get that hoe looking nice.
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    I looked at that very 140 on Sunday with my son. The pictures you posted show it in Knoxville but it is actually in Chattanooga. The machine I looked at had the very same scar on the door that this one does.

    Not sure about the hours though, I'm pretty sure the hour meter visible inside the door showed 77 hours and not 1550.

    Up close it looks good.

    On a side note, the ASC operation in Chattanooga did not have a single new piece of equipment on the lot-all used. The last time I went by ASC Knoxville they did not either.
  6. Dirtman2007

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    The hour meter should be on the display guages. I'm going by what the salesman is saying.

    Yeah I was also noticing the battle scar, I think a new door will be in the deal if we buy this machine. other then that I can't way to swing some dirt with it.
  7. jefftb

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    I'm pretty sure these two are the same. This one was from a project around Knoxville, its been on Machinery Trader for a long time. The door scratch is identical.
    In the link below you can see damage on the opposite side door.

    See what you think since I'm no Volvo expert.{4EA483DF-EE7D-426A-AC76-F0FB86CA6BC3}

    Is there a hour meter on the left hand side pod/armrest of their machines?

    If they are the same machines I've always pondered what happened to the lettering between the two with respect to the 140B (LC). I mean the scratches are the same on the operator side of the machine through the lettering.
  8. Dirtman2007

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    In my 210 the hour meter is on the display guages on the right side of the cab where pretty much all machines are.

    I have seen a few volvo with them under the left arm rest near all the other swtiches. Im not sure if that factory or added on later.

    Yes this machine had been on machinery trader for a while. it had about 1200 hours on it in the pictures on there where the righthand pannel is smashed all in.

    They have replaced the door with a new one as you can tell in the pictures. Im going to see if they will throw in a new door for the left side if we like it.

    Other then that It looks rather nice, I'll know after I run it a day or two.
  9. jefftb

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    The one I peered into on Sunday in Chattanooga had a hour meter on the left armrest which I thought was odd. That's where I seem to remember the 77 hours because I remarked to myself that I thought it looked rough to only have 77 hours.

    Not rough as in beat, but more cosmetic damage than most machines have with 77 on the meter. Maybe that hour meter is used for some other purpose in rental fleets?

    I could not see the more typical gauge on the right hand side.

    I liked the looks of it overall and it looked tight everywhere else for the most part.

    Any guess on the lettering difference between the door(s) with the scratch?

    Hope it works for you.
  10. Dirtman2007

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    I don't see a difference in the lettering? maybe I'm missing something. Hell I've owned one for 5 years and I can't remember what it looks like on mine:hammerhead:

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