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New to site and biz


LawnSite Member
Springfield MA
Hey everyone!

I have a new biz....we started as two guys buying multi-family houses and managing them. As we grow and learn we expanded to property management for investors, as we grew more we expanded in to lawn maintenance and spring/fall clean ups.

Since we are new we have a limited budget. We have advertised Fall clean ups and I was wondering what is the best and cheapest way for us to tackle it? If we could only buy one piece of equipment what should it be?

We have a blower, tarps, barrels, wed whacker, rakes Ford P/U and trailer. If we could get one thing for leaves what would the best thing be?

Thank for the help. I look forward to talking with everyone!


LawnSite Silver Member
northwest ohio
some of the biggers companys here have leaf vacs... very cool. I cant afford that, but i do have an old lawn tractor with a collection system, holds two big garbage cans, i chop em up and suck em up and it is way easier then using tarps and rakes like i did last year....