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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Live2ride, Dec 19, 2001.

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    Just wanted to say great site. Have been out of lawn care for 4years but am looking to get back in. (Sold business and had a no compete clause of 5 years). Need input on equipment to start with. Was doing Fert and herbicide only. Will start with mowing... thinking of a 21"WB(toro-have already), 36" or 48"??WB, trimmer,back pack, etc. Solo operation. Quess am asking is 36-48 good start? don't want to be undersized. Want to have ample equiip. to do job with potential to expand. Sorry for long 1st post. Thanks for input...alot of knowledge on this board. Excited to be here..

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    Welcome and good luck!!!
    I'm also solo. I use a 44in Toro WB and love it. Since you are going to be solo, you might want to consider working out of van. I've been working out of van for 15 years and it has work out excellent. I can fit my Toro, a 22in push mower, Stihl
    backpack blower, weedeater, golf clubs, etc... in the van.


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    All depends on how much money you want to spend. I have a 48 in. wb lesco. It's been a great machine for me,but everyone has there own likes and dis-likes. The best deal I have run in to is a scag gear drive 48in. wb for 2800.00. It comes with a 14 or 15 hp kawi. or kohler engine. Biggest thing is to stay with the kawi. or kohler engine. In my # of years cutting they have done me well.
  4. 48" or larger since you have a mower for gates.

    Looks like you have some time to do a little research on pricing and such.
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    definately get a 48 inch or bigger. i started with a 48 inch scag walkbehind, and grew out of that quickly. as LGF said, you have a mower for gates, so go as big as you can afford.

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