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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ajo771, Mar 1, 2009.

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    Hi, I'm new to the site and thought I should introduce myself.

    My name is AJ. I use to own and landscape business in the thru the 90's. I am currently a project manager building roads and bridges for the State of New York, but my primary hobby in my yard. I have about 4 landscaped acres; from bog gardens and a koi pond, to shade gardens and vegetable gardens, from perennial gardens and potted annuals; and of course my pride and joy, the lawn.

    For the past 5 years I have traveled 75 - 100 miles each way to work, and have often thought about getting back in the landscape business. I have a dual degree in Architecture and Landscape Architecture. A key person working for me in the 90's is looking to make a change with his current situation and it might be the time for me to get back in the game. Of course I would have to work my regular job in the beginning. A tough proposition considering I get up at 4:00 am and get home about 8:00 pm. But I missed my kids growing up and don't want to miss the rest of their lives. So another year of sacrifice now could mean changing that.

    I just found this website a few days ago while searching the internet for reviews on todays commercial ZTR's. I was impressed with the amount of recent information on this site compared to the other sites I've seen. Also, seems like a reliable place for technical information.

    I also enjoy motorcycling and ATVing , but I find myself in the yard more than on the motorcycle or ATV.

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    Welcome to Lawnsite and good luck in '09 with your transition.
  3. ajo771

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    Thanks for the welcome. Not sure I'll make the transition this year but crunching the numbers and looking for some prospective work. Feeling out the market. I had a great relationship with my commercial accounts. They always said to give them a call if I got back into it. If some jump I'll have a good starting base. Economy is the big question mark for me.
  4. dwight1moore

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    Welcome to the site. Good Luck in whatever your choose to do, With the rough Economy im sure its gonna be hard on quite a few of us.
  5. grasschopperofchicago

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    In regards to economy, I am curious as to how much of an impact it is going to have this season. I have to imagine the Commerical and Seniors are going to remain using lawn care services. I also imagine the upscale neighborhoods will still employ such services. I think the biggest hit will be the middle income blue collar workers who have lost their positions to layoffs and such. I believe a large group of them actually do most of their own lawn care. I have 123 accounts that I service with all but 8 returning this year. I have found that with seniors or residential, a good way to offset cost is to contract them for the year, but spread the payments out over 12 months versus the 7-8 month season in our area. Example=$35.00 cut on a 29 week contract $35x29=$145@month over 7mo/versus $85+/- per month over a 12 month period, much easier pill to swallow

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