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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Doug8949, Apr 2, 2014.

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    New to spraying

    Were i live there is a lot of my customers asking if i sprayed so this year i am getting into it a little. I was wondering if there is a good site out there for help on determining what a yard needs for treatment.

    Next question is how do you figure out what you charge them what is the average for fertilizer per sq foot and then the average per sq foot for round up as i have a few trailer parks that want the gravel drive ways sprayed with that
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    Basically a soil test offered by your local county extension agency in conjunction with the local university will tell you what a lawn requires. You'll get your lawn's pH, and the amount of NPK present in the soil. You'll also received a recommendation for the NEEDS of a particular turf whether liquid or granular. A good place to start your pricing without experience is to keep your total cost to not exceed 18-20%. I know this might be crazy to some but the depreciation of equipment, time and insurance have got to be incorporated in the final bottom line and you are able to stay in business.
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    With what Ralmaroad said, weedcontrol/fert is a good money maker but it has its dissadvantages such as depreciation and rust on equipment.

    For pricing, a big part of your expense will be fert, especially untill you can order by the pallet or more. Most companies go by the 1000 sq ft with a minimum up to 3.5-5k. For the sake of giving 100000000 estimates in the spring having a form that shows the price from 5k-45k is the easiest route.

    I know some will say you should be charging more for PITA properties but with doing as many estos in the spring as we do, Its tough to get to EVERY property. Its MUCH easier to say it will be around XX amount (after measuring online) if they balk at the price then you just saved a trip out there. If they don't balk and are genuine interested, you may want to walk the property and give a turf analysis.

    One thing that you will have a harder time then hell getting customers to do is have a soil sample taken, especially a new customer. Between what you'd have to charge and the time it takes, most just want to know the bottom line.....How much will your program cost.

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    Although you're in a different area, this will give you a general idea of yearly maintenance requirements, just scroll down to your turf type:

    Of course, the months on these calendars will not apply directly, but you'll get a good idea.

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