New to the bis. info please, how to go about it


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Im from baltimore, MD. I have been cutting my parents lawn all my life (2 acre lawn). Have always dreaded it but have always loved good looking lawns. I always used a hydrostatic cub cadet (youc an now see why it was boring =)). About two years ago i went out and bought an old howard price 3 wheel 60". This thing was awesome cut great, turned on a dime, had mulching blades (no more raking), i loved it. I just moved out about 4 months ago and bought a 32" SCAG. Im in love with it for my yard (.5 acre) cuts great.
My brother and i both love cutting lawns and really appreciate well manicured areas. Now we have decided to plunge into this venture but not to fast we want to start with what we have and see how it goes. I have the scag i previoiusly mentioned and 2 echo weed eaters. I am about to purchase a blower (could use some help on what is a better unit and where to get a good price if anyone reading this knows =)). We also already have a dodge diesel ram and a tandem axel trailer.
I am trying to get everything in order now, hopefully to get maybe a couple lawns before this season is over here to see how i will really like it.
What is the length of the season north eastern ppl usually cut?
Is there anything i should go about doing or starting off with, or making sure i have?
I am unsure how to price, i was going to get someone to estiate my lawn and my parents lawn tog et an idea of what to charge.
What kind of money can I expect to make in this field. For now it will be part time, but i am hoping i will be able to quit my current job and get into this full time. Im fed up with working for someone else and think that its time for me to do something while im young (21) and can makes mistakes =). Thanks for the help.



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most of the info you desire is already in the archives, at your disposal, to use.
Do a search for any specific topic or word, such as blower, mower, trucks, licenses, insurance, etc.
Remember to start small & build as you go, & can afford it.
Good luck. :)