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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by TwistedOaks, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. TwistedOaks

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    I want to add landscape lighting to my business and wanted to ask if yall might have some important start up information for me. Maybe things I should look out for, things I can expect right off the bat. What would be a good way to gain more knowledge in this business? Thanks.
  2. JoeyD

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  3. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    I have to hand it to you Joey... (and Nate) Having you ride this forum the way you do (like a cowboy on a bull) is giving you guys a big leg up with all the new contractors who come here looking for information. It is a pretty smart marketing tactic.

    It does look a bit shameless to guys like me now and then, but heck, if the other Manufacturers (Hint to Jeff.... There are LOTS of them!!! CAST, Nightscaping, Hunza, Vista, Kichler, Hadco, and many many more... just look at the thread called Manufacturers Compendium!) can't get off their duffs and represent themselves here, then they might just deserve to loose out.

  4. JoeyD

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    I have said it before and I will say it again. Weather you buy 5 lights or 500 my job is to offer you the best damn service possible. I have the field knowledge to relate with most of you and I have the inside knowledge to share a manufactuers point of view. Reality is most manufacturers cant do what we do, why? Because they have never installed a job in their lives. They are just salesmen selling a widget. I try not to over do it and I think because I am a manufacturer and not a contractor it can look a bit over done when I apprach guys but hey you guys know what I am about and its not to just wh0r* the market with a bunch of half a$$ contractors but to teach a good solid quality way of doing things with good quality materials.

    As for being shamless, maybe I am. Sometimes I feel your postings of certain NS lights are shameless but I respect it and enjoy it. We are all here becuase we share a passion. Your job is to install and design while my job is to grow and educate. We are all after the same goal. The more guys installing lighting, the more people are using lighting, the more people are calling you, the more money we all make.

    I know for a fact other manufacturers read lawnsite. They just choose not to participate, why? Maybe becuase they do not have the time, thats an easy excuse. But maybe its because they cant offer the advice Steve P. and myself can so they choose to just avoid it.
  5. Chris J

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    If it were my company, I'd be all over it. Kudo's to Joey and Unique for being involved. If nothing else, at least they are here to answer questions and respond to any ridicule that may come their way. Can you say that about anyone else?:eek:
  6. Mayor_tx

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    Jeff, I'd be happy to help you out. We're right down the road in Austin, so you could even come out to one of our installs and we'll show you the ropes. email me if you are interested

    Hook 'em

  7. ccfree

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    check out your local Ewing Irrigation Products store. They can surely point you in the right direction.


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