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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by BIGG JEFF P, Aug 9, 2005.


    BIGG JEFF P LawnSite Member
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    Does Anyone Think That A 2" Ad In The Yellow Pages And An Ad In News Paper Plus Another Paper Would Drum Up Some Business

    BIGG JEFF P LawnSite Member
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    I Need Urgent Response Please
  3. Thirdpete

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    from Chicago
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    go door to door, 8-10 hours a day, every day, with flyers. start in your own town, pick a few neighborhoods, and focus on those for a few weeks. canvas them 2-3 times and go from there. that, in conjunction with the ads.
  4. Runner

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    Would it drum up business? SURE it would! It would drum up a bunch of business that is willing to pay pennies on the dollar and is 50-60 miles away from you.
  5. LandscapeSolutions

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    Usually placing an ad in the yellow pages is only used my people that HAVE HEARD of your business before and need to get your number. Yellow book ads are expensive. For one the size your talking about will cost a minimum of $90/ month....this all depends on the city you live in. With a higher population youll be paying significantly more than that.

    Newspaper ads are even more expensive than yellow page ads! How about you try to run a classifed ad instead of a display ad. Classifieds are much cheaper. The downsize is that your ad will be listed with the many others (and lowballers).

    As ThirdPete said, go door to door. At least hand out flyers and put on each door. You can't immediately start to mow least Ive never seen it done. You have to build up your clientelle base over time.

    Hope this helps.
  6. Lost Pine

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    It think you'd be wasting your money in the yellow pages !! I agree with some of the other responses. Get some flyer made up and leave them in peoples mailbox and/or newspaperbox.

    Something that works GREAT and is alot cheaper than the yellow pages is flyers in your local newspaper. Call the paper and get rates....That way you can target specific area in your region. Hey, who wants to get calls 25 miles away for a $50 lawn cut.

    Good Luck !!!!!!!
  7. HometownLawn

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    Word of mouth is probably going to be your best asset. Most small businesses do way better with word of mouth and things like flyers after you factor in money spent vs return.

    I'm just now starting to look more seriously into a lawn service business however, i have a business already and i've tried radio, tv, newspaper, everything. The best response i've gotten is from flyers.

    I'm guessing (and someone please correct me if i'm wrong) that you will get a lot better response by a more personal touch. Go door to door, introduce yourself, tell them about your they can meet you, see you face to face, afterall they are about to let you have access to their property on a regular basis. Get yourself a local area map and plan your 'attack'.
  8. LandscapeSolutions

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    Maybe I didn't emphasize the whole yellow page deal.

    If you hand out fliers and a person you gave one to throws it away, but later on they need your service -- where are they going to get your number? They might remember your name, but I highly doubt they'll remember your number!

    This example is why businesses have yellow page ads. I'm sure you've done the like before. EX) When you needed your plumbing serviced...where you able to just remember the plumbers number off the top of your head? I doubt it, you probably looked it up in the yellow pages.

    As I said before, don't expect calls from yellow page ads unless your name is well known. Being that you are starting out I would not advise you to place a yellow page ad. Consider it in a year or two.

    At the current time, your best bet to gain customers is through word of mouth, a little newspaper advertising, and of course the classic - fliers.

    ---An earlier response stated leaving fliers in the 'mailbox.' This is long as the USPS does not catch you! They WILL charge you postage on each one they find laying in one of their precious boxes!

    ---Going door to door to establish a personal connection between you and what might be a future client would likely be very effective. It's easier to disregard a flier than it would be to say 'no' to your face.
  9. Bulletproof

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    Bigg Jeff,

    Get the ad if you can afford it. We run ads in 2 separate books, they have paid for themselves 100X's over, can't beat them. Be sure to list all your services in there.

    PS- one thing we learned from asking the clients why they chose our ad was b/c our ad was:

    -we were the only company to list spring & fall clean-ups
    -listed areas serviced
    -ALL services listed

    Just some ideas buddy... I'd go with the ad
  10. Bulletproof

    Bulletproof LawnSite Member
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    PPS - We found that flyers have basically no response for one reason or other.

    It's almost as if people don't think you're legit if you're handing out flyers, and I know this sounds insane, but in our area that's the case, by the sounds of things that's not normal elsewhere... :dizzy:

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