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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by solron, Apr 25, 2001.

  1. solron

    solron LawnSite Member
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    I'm new to the lawn care/landscaping business. What's the best way to market your services and get new customers? Any ideals?

  2. Skippy

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    from Maine
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    Welcome, Your best bet is to do a search, read the threads, and decide for yourself. I think it's also a good idea to read up about marketing in books also. Marketing strategies differ everwhere you go.
  3. lawnman_scott

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    Flyers are good, also small local newspapers, preferaly the free ones that can be picked up at convieniance stores and places like that. you know at least the people will read them. You may get a complaint or two delivering flyers, but so be it, thats how i got alot of customers. Yellow page ads are great, but alot more costly, something to think about down the road. I get flyers printed for $20/1000, pay $8, and $14 for local ads, and $400 for a yellow page ad, just to give you an idea. A senior citizen publication is good, as many of them need a lawn service. Hope ive helped.
  4. Kurt

    Kurt LawnSite Member
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    I have many years in marketing consulting. This industry calls for direct contact, referals and sales.
    I did the post cards with 2,700 pieces. After $1,200, I only got 3 phone calls not good when I was suppose to get more than 50 calls. But the good thing is that the 6 great customers. From each customer's location, I can do Direct Sales. Talk with people. Tell them what I do and how great I am and my Business.
    Ask yourself: What makes you far better than your competition?
    Ask me? I can write a book.
    Great communications is the key to ANY business.

    p.s. I have been in this business for 3 weeks and have already billed over $1,400.00 and am situated in very exclusive neighborhoods with little competition. One by one, I will pick them off.
  5. Stonehenge

    Stonehenge LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Midwest
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    If you want to do some marketing that has a real impact, you need to spend some time working/thinking outside the box. Read the book "Guerilla Marketing" by Jay Conrad Levinson. If it doesn't give you 10 good ideas to market your biz (that are out of the mainstream) then you weren't paying attention when you read.

    The 'usual' methods of advertising (many of them, anyway) are dead. Not to say people don't use them. They just don't get good results. Case and point, Kurt's post above, a guy whose had years of experience in the marketing industry, got minimal results from his marketing efforts.

    By the end of my 3rd year in biz I'd been on television and had 2 big (full page) articles done about our company in the local paper. All for free. Almost. Actually, it all cost about a grand total of $75 and some of my time. But I still get calls from the articles.

    I hang flyers on people's doors, too. But I put different info than most in the doorhangers. I only hung 70 this spring, and have had 10 calls so far.

    I could go on and on, but I don't have time. I have a dozen designs to work on, and every night for the next 2 weeks I'm meeting with new clients for new work.

    Start with that book. Spend a saturday at Barnes and Noble with that book and a notepad.

    Good luck!
  6. solron

    solron LawnSite Member
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    Thanks to everyone for your Marketing ideas! The information that you provided will be very helpful in getting my business off the ground.

    Thanks Again!
  7. HOMER

    HOMER LawnSite Gold Member
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    Welcome to the world of.................whatever.

    My suggestions:

    Clean you
    Clean truck
    Clean equipment
    Clean image
    Clean vocabulary
    Clean living

    Market all you want but 1st impressions are everlasting.

    You are probably already a squeaky clean guy and thats good, but if any of the above needs to be addressed then do it quick.

    Like the commercail said. "IMAGE IS EVERYTHING"

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