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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by draggindirt, May 6, 2008.

  1. draggindirt

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    I cannot believe how amazing this site is. Anyone have any advice to a newcomer trying to break into the tractor work business? I have a 62hp Case with a FEL, BB, and 6' mower deck. I am located just north east of Houston, TX.
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    Is it a 4x4 tractor ?

    Can you be more descriptive of the machine you have and the skills you have.

    What is the mower like will it cut heavy brush.

    What about building fence right aways etc and drilling fence post holes ?
  4. Dirt Digger2

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    is it a Case IH or a old Case Comfort King? Sounds to me like you want to do basic farm services, That is what my buddy and I do on the side. We don't rely on it for a main source on income, so we don't advertise it too much but the biggest thing you have to realize with most farmers, ranchers, and horse owners are that they either hire friends or hear your name by word of mouth. The best thing you can do is go down the local watering hole where they all hang out and start talking to people, carry your business card and distribute it. Once you get one job make sure you do a quality job and more will follow...we get ALL of our farm work based on word of mouth, it truly is the best advertising...we wear our shirts around and people come up and say hey i heard of you guys, can you come take a look at something for me...we don't have our phone # on the shirts because we wouldn't be able to keep up with the business
  5. draggindirt

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    Thanks for the reply Dirt Digger2, I appreciate the advice. Thanks for the shirt idea, I didn't think of that. I will now though. My tractor is a Case IH JX-70 4x4. That's right I am looking to do basic farm work, driveways, light clearing, dirt work, etc.
  6. Dirt Digger2

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    Dragindirt you don't need anything to complex...the easier to read the better

    here are our shirts, it cost $160 and a case of beer for the shirts....30 shirts and 4 hooded sweatshirts were $160 and the case of beer was for a friend of mine to draw the tractor up

    the business cards are invaluable to us too...they cost 10 bucks at Staples for a case of 500 cards....good deal if i say

    shirt 001.jpg

    shirt 002.jpg

    shirt 004.jpg
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    My tractor is Case IH 4x4, 56hp PTO, the mower is a 72" Land Pride will cut up to 9" material and light to medium brush.
    I am looking at post hole diggers now. Got any suggestions?
    I have been operating everything from pushmowers to D9 dozers since I was a kid. My dad taught me when I was young. Said I needed to know something other than chasing girls. The last boy just left home and now it's just me and my financial advisor.
    So I was thinking of doing some tractor work on the side.
  8. AWJ Services

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    Go by the feed and seed store, local hardware stores, and even the local diner and leave cards or possibly ask for some space for a snall sign.
    Have some sort of sign or lettering for advertising on truck,trailer and Equipment.When ever you stop for supplies, fuel, etc always park in the most visible spot.

    Not many people here left who do this type of work.

    You may also want too find all the local Hay farmers and offer you and your machine for there operation in case they have machine failure.

    I have a friend that makes a serious living with Tractors.It took him a few years too get going but he is doing well.

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    Is that a 2020?
  10. Dirt Digger2

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    little bigger....4020

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